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A Trip to Motor Town Classic (2014) by Austin Leuleu

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

Motor Town Classic 2014

Six young men set on a quest to Detroit Michigan to capture and experience the spirit, energy, and truth of one of the biggest rollerblading events in America. Nine hours of standard definition footage recorded in three days to then be spliced together which will leak into the eyes of society.

Skating by Matt Capacete, Taylor Kobryn, Anthony Marchione, Cameron Ogle, Ray Kronenberg, Austin Leleu, Jimmy Kobryn, John Bolino, Brent Scherer, Eric Miller, Alex Bbroskow, Wake Schepman, David Sizemore, Miguel Ramos, Luke Naylor, Jeff Dalnas, Chris Smith, Jimmy Hake, Erik Bailey, Don Bambrick, Scott Hatton, Jimmy Spetz, Chad Tanahill & more.

Motor Town Classic 2014: More Media | Results.

Anthony Marchione: Edit by Austin Leleu (2014)

Monday, April 21st, 2014

Anthony Marchione: Edit by Austin Leuleu

Filmed & edited by Austin Leleu. Additional Filming: Tyler Knight & Nick Benton.
Anthony Marchione: More Media.