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Music: Invader – From The Chronochasm with Austin Barrett, Billy O’Neill & Jon Jon Bolino

Friday, January 31st, 2014

Invader. Vocals: Austin Barrett. Drums: Billy O’Neill. Bass: Jon Jon Bolino. Guitar: Nico Magellan.

Music: Invader - From The Chronochasm with Austin Barrett, Billy O'Neill & Jon Jon Bolino

Invader’s debut EP ‘From the Chronochasm’ is a raw collection of sonic artifacts retrieved from the void of time, warning the blue planetoid of it’s impending doom. Support the band and get it for $3 on Bandcamp.

Musicvideos on Youtube | Invader on Facebook.

Valo Tee by Austin Barrett

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

Valo Tee by Austin Barrett

I knew Austin for a number of years now and the only way to describe him is a beer drinking, blood sucking, piece of shit. But the best kind of piece of shit new jersey can birth. From having to rake up buckets of broken glass the morning after parties in our old house in the pine barrens to traveling the country with this son of a bitch, there are always good times, a shit load of laughs and gallons of good old vitamin beer.

I have some of the craziest nights of my life partying with this dude and am going to have many more to come.He is one hell of an artist and I have had the pleasure of him personally drawing up every tattoo sketched into my skin. After moving out west, Erik and I introduced him and his artwork to Brandon Negrete and luckily enough he was able to do all of the titles in Negretes film, Regardless.

Looking at his artwork, one can not look at it and not be impressed, and for some even disgusted. But you have to have a solid appreciation for it REGARDLESS… like that plug? The right people have been taking notice of it and he is now going to be working with Valo, and Shredweiser in upcoming projects.

Austin is a solid dude, has the eye for cool shit and is one hell of a model american. Get ready to have you skulls shaken. -Chris Dafick.

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