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Art of Rolling Skate Dice: Free Android App

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Art of Rolling Skate Dice: Android App

Art of Rolling presents the first aggressive-skate dice app for the android. Leave the odds to the random dice generator or stop them whenever you please by simply press on the dice as its rolling.

Art of Rolling Skate Dice on Android Market.
Instructions for the dice are available in this post.

Art of Rolling Skate Dice: Android App

We will soon announce the winners of the Art of Rolling Skate Dice Giveaway.

Art of Rolling Skate Dice: New Colors & Giveaway

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

art of rolling skate dice

Art of Rolling released new colors of their Skate Dice.

We’re offering 3 sets of the Skate Dice: 1 black and gold set (photo above), 1 green set & 1 blue set.

To enter, you just need to post a comment on this AOR Facebook post, Rollernews Facebook post or in the forums. A winner will be randomly chosen in each of these threads.

Note: to be able to post on the Facebook pages, you need to like the AOR & Rollernews Pages first.

art of rolling skate dice

Skate Dice by Art of Rolling

Friday, July 15th, 2011

The Art of Rolling Dice is a new and original way to keep busy and creative while skating.

This game offers anyone with beginner skills to advance skills a new and challenging way of grinding. This game can be played by yourself or with your friends.

skate dice

Dice Description

  • #1 Trick Dice Determines which Soul or Groove grind to do.
  • #2 Two color Skate Logo determines which grind you will do on the trick dice.
  • #3 Difficulty dice determines which variation or method you will enter your grind.

General Idea

  • Beginners: Practice and learn the basic tricks and learn a large variety of grinds to add to your trick list. USE 2 DICE
  • Intermediate: – Perform tricks you would not normally attempt and build your skill to try new tricks on skate spots. USE 2-3 DICE
  • Advanced: Create endless possibilities for different trick variations and combinations. USE 3 DICE


  • If you want to go out and skate by yourself, Art of Rolling Dice will entertain and step up the progression of a normal session.
  • Grab some friends and put down money to bet on each trick and see who skates away with the cash pot.
  • Play a game of B.L.A.D.E and see who can do all the tricks rolled on the Dice.
  • Increase your skill on grinds you don’t normally try and learn some new variations to some familiar tricks.

For any questions:

Art of Rolling: Vol 2 Issue 1, Full Mag Online

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

art of rolling

Content: Interviews with Jose Henriquez & Jon Ortiz | Featuring skating from Dave Lang, Jesus Medina, Victor Callendar and more | Aerosol Art with Wak STF | Parkour with Ismael Oquendo | NYC exclusive content.

Art of Rolling (NYC): Print, Issue II (with 3d Content)

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

art of rolling

The newest Art of Rolling magazine provides 36 pages of New York City coverage along with 3D anaglyph glasses (aka traditional 3D glasses) to view all of the 3D content provided in the magazine!

Interviews include Carlos Montenegro, Jean-Yves Blondeau, and DJ Jen Mas along with a gadget review. You’ll also see photos of your favorite skaters including Ramelle Knight, Victor Callendar, Franco Cammayo, Ryan Many, Daniel Chino Gomez, Anthony Soto, and more.

6 Bucks at
Thanks AOR (forums).

Art of Rolling: First Print Issue + Kickstarter Project

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

art of rolling

Art of Rolling: 1st Official Print issue (44 Pages)

Content: Interviews with Jose Henriquez & Jon Ortiz | Featuring skating from Dave Lang, Jesus Medina, Victor Callendar and more | Aerosol Art with Wak STF | Parkour with Ismael Oquendo | NYC exclusive content.

More Pictures of the Mag ; Purchase the mag online (6$).

Kickstarter Project : Art of Rolling Magazine ; A glimpse into a New York City underground sub-culture

Growing up in Brooklyn NYC I started stunt rollerblading as a kid at 9 yrs old. Living in a rough neighborhood it kept me out of trouble and gave me a sense of purpose. To this day at age 25 I now try my best to cover the young and old rollerblading talent that is seen on the streets of the NYC skate scene.

All over the world people want to know what goes on in the NYC skating culture; but to date NYC has 100s of talented skaters who have no mediums to present their talent to a global audience. New York City is known for many things and is the center of the world at times; however, there is an extremely interesting urban culture that thrives here which nobody has paid attention to for years.

With extreme sports hitting the map for the past couple of years, it has been a major source for entertainment, products and especially positive influences on the youth. The Art of Rolling Magazine’s purpose is to provide an outlet where these skaters can showcase their talent to others across the globe who share their same passion and interests in extreme sports.

We are the only magazine on the east coast of USA to take on the challenge of documenting such a rich and positive subculture. We strive to present the amazing life stories of these talented New Yorkers from their perspective about their sport to their life struggles and how rollerblading is integrated in their lifestyles. We also provide positive recreational exposure for the youth and educate them about a sport that is both healthy yet challenging. […]

Read the full AOR Article on their Kickstarter Project Page.

Art of Rolling: Issue 7

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

art of rolling


Art of Rolling: Website + John Stephens Bonus

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

art of rolling

Art of Rolling Magazine is proud to announce the release of our new website! As you all may know, New York City has been emerging in the skating scene as a center for freestyle rolling and a powerful network for skaters worldwide. With the help of web master Marcus Oliveira, we have constructed a user friendly website that allows instantaneous access to New York City’s best freestyle rolling talent. With updates on AOR’s on goings in preparation for each issue, we allow our viewers exclusive access to photos and video of the action before it is released in our magazine.

We also give our viewers free access to all AOR’s past issues as well as featured articles that are exclusive only to Art of Rolling Magazine. On top of all this, we also allow access to our newest branch of Art of Rolling Finger Skates on our finger skate website where you can purchase your very own AOR Fingerskates. Essentially, our new Art of Rolling Magazine website will give you first dibs on New York’s growing influence in the industry and the skaters who make that happen!

Bonus: John Stephens huge 3 trick line in the Bronx

Getting out to the Bronx is no easy task but when ever John Stephens says he has a stunt in mind, We try our best to make it out there and get some coverage.

With Ramelle Knight and Ralphy Herrera with him i couldnt have asked for a better team. They gave John the support he needed in order to pull 3 crazy stunts into one line.

Anyone who has been to the Bronx knows about the steep stair cases out there. John showed no fear and rode down the stairs like he was on a ski slope. We mange to put a mini edit of the line, But keep tuned to issue 7 for full picture coverage of the day.

Art of Rolling: A Day in the Life of Angelo Ferrer

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Angelo Ferrer

I spent a day following busy photographer and magazine owner Angelo Ferrer around New York City. – Rolling Film Media.

Also features a sneak peep at the Pier 62 skatepark. A typical days work for the Art of Rolling.

Song: Classified – Unexplainable Hunger.

Art of Rolling: Issue 6

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Art of Rolling Issue 6

Check the Issue 6 of Art of Rolling.

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