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Pierre-Andre Senizergues (Etnies) House (2011)

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Etnies PAS House

A full-scale, 753.5-square foot prototype for a house Francois Perrin is currently designing in Malibu, CA for Pierre-Andre Senizergues (Etnies founder).

The prototype, fully equipped with sofa, bed, furniture from the Skate Study House collection and even kitchen appliances, was just recently part of the exhibition Public Domaine / Skating Culture at la Gaite Lyrique, a new museum in Paris.

The complete residence, where everything in the house is skateable, will measure 2,200-square feet and will to be located in a site overlooking the Pacific at the top of Malibu.

The concept of the house is a ribbon that creates a continuous surface to be skated from the Outside to the Inside. The house is divided into three separate spaces. The first one includes the living room, dining area and kitchen, the second one includes a bedroom and bathroom and the third one a skating practice area.

Each space is skateable as the ground becomes the wall then the ceiling in a continuous surface forming a tube of a 10ft diameter. The furniture is also skateable […]

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“House” in the Tree

Friday, January 27th, 2012

House in the Tree

Photo: Playboard Magazin.

Art in Dubai

Friday, January 20th, 2012


In a serene garden tucked away in Nad Al Sheba a gargantuan wooden sculpture is rapidly rising up through the sleepy trees.

Dubbed the “Arabic Chin” ramp, the skateable structure spells the arabic word for art: “Tashkeel”, which is also the name of the host venue.

The varied architectural features of Dubai make it a world-class skater destination: Dubai Municipality even creates special asphalt areas for skaters and a 16-year-old halfpipe installed in Al Mamzar Park at the request of local skaters appeared in the skating magazine Thrasher’s list of “Places to Skate Before You Die”.

Several skateparks already exist in the city but skaters are constantly looking for new challenges and Arabic Interpreted presents the unique format of a world-class ramp with an intrinsically Arab soul. […]

Check the full article by Kate Hazell.

Larger Picture.

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Half Pipe + Tennis Court : Art by Frank Kunert

Monday, September 19th, 2011

Half Pipe + Tennis Court : Art by Frank Kunert

Visit (via).

Ramp House for skaters

Friday, March 27th, 2009

Ramp House for skaters

Maria Zacharopoulou commissioned Archivirus Architecture and Design to transform her Athens home into a “skatable habitat.” The result is the stunning Ramp House. From AR Plus (snips of photos by Theo Vranas):

The architect wanted the skating element to be more than simply putting a mini ramp in the living room. Rather, the ramp, the bowl and all the interpretations of those terms would actually become the building elements for this space. It is intended to be a ramp house and not a house with a ramp. Straight lines are curved and the flat surface becomes a ramp or a bowl. Basic house elements such as the fireplace and storage units are hidden inside the ramp forms.

The Ramp House (via).

Ramp House for skaters

Wooster Roundtable #1 : Public Art Funds

Tuesday, April 4th, 2006

Chimp Skatepark
^ Chimp’s Buddha Skatepark, concept by Dave the Chimp

Wooster Roundtable #1: Public Art Funds

If I was given this amount of money to make Public Art, I wouldn’t make art. That would be disgusting. That is 11.4 million Pounds!!! There are so many problems in this country (the UK) that if £11 million of public money was spent on something as useless as art there would be a civil war!! Though, saying that, we’ve probably spent £11 BILLION on this bogus war in Iraq, and the Houses of Parliament still haven’t been blown up, so I guess no one would even notice.

I think art has the power to change lives, but as soon as large amounts of public funds are spent on it, ideas have to be put through committees, and the ideas get watered down until the very things that make art exciting and powerful are lost. Money has the power to ruin anything, and the more money, the more things get fucked.

So here’s my solution – make art that is functional. In this case, art that is skateable. Art that keeps kids out of trouble, that keeps them fit, maybe even keeps them aware, balanced, spiritual? It’s worth a try. So ladies and gentleman, I present “Chimp’s Buddha Skatepark“. A giant concrete circle, that incorporates inter-locking bowls and a street areas, which itself features a giant rideable sculpture of Buddha. The street area is smooth black tarmac with a white marble Buddha, the bowls are white concrete with a black speed bump in the largest bowl, so that when viewed from above the park is a giant ying/yang symbol.

This would only cost around half a million to build, so let’s make them for all the major religions in London – Star of David shaped ramps, snake runs which say “Allah” in Islamic script when viewed from above, huge indoor parks built in Christian churches, etc etc. Let’s unite all religions through skateboarding and art, and hope that mankind will one day realise there is only one true and ultimate power, and it makes no difference what you call it – God, Allah, Buddha – IT’S ALL THE SAME THING!!! And until we stop fighting over which interpretation of this power is correct, we’ll never be at peace and we’ll never become one with the power again.

If anyone has a few million and wants to build this skatepark, you can reach me through the Wooster cats. I don’t need paying, I just want to ride this park!!


… Dave the Chimp

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