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Andrew DiPaolo ( Razors California): 2014 Edit

Thursday, February 12th, 2015

Andrew DiPaolo ( Razors California): 2014 Edit

A mixture of mostly 2014 clips Andrew DiPaolo managed to hang onto for himself. Filmed in his hometown of Pittsburgh PA, San Diego, Long beach and new home, San Francisco.

Filmed by Tim Franken, Steve Kostkas, Aarin Gates, Chris Calkins, Russell Day, Michael Obedoza, Eric Feeser, Isaac DeSanto, Octavio Montano & Charles Solano. Edited by Andrew DiPaolo. Music: Flume – Left Alone featuring Chet Faker (Ta-ku Remix).

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Ain’t Right: Ryan Parker + Andrew DiPaolo (2013)

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Ain’t Right, an online video from Pittsburgh, PA. Full sections from Shane Conn, Stefan Brandow, Josh Mastele, Ryan Parker, Andrew DiPaolo, Cody Reffner. Featuring Jason Snow, Colin Sander, Chris Shields.

Ain't Right: Ryan Parker + Andrew DiPaolo

Even though these two guys would be considered young in most blading circles, they’re Pittsburgh blading veterans whose skating has always been beyond their years.Stefan Brandow.

Main Cameras: Brant Pickup, Stefan Brandow, Cody Reffner, Shane Conn. Song: Twin Peaks – The Black Lodge.

Ain’t Right (2013), More Media : Shane Conn | Stefan Brandow | Josh Mastele | Yinzers Montage | Trailer.

Andrew DiPaolo (Razors California): 2012 Edit

Friday, April 20th, 2012

Andrew DiPaolo (Razors California): Edit

Andrew DiPaolo moved out from Pittsburgh less than a year ago, aiming to blade year round in the San Diego sun.

Along the way he’s managed to make a name for himself, hook up a boot sponsor, and make some great friends. When he isn’t out blading he’s busy running DieNasty Select along with his friends and co-owners of the clothing brand.

Filmed and chopped by Sam Deangelis.