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Alex Burston | BURST BLOG #4

Thursday, March 16th, 2017

In this “episode” I go to Boneyard skatepark for a game of BLADE/ SKATE. I have been going to Boneyard since I was around 12 years old, Over 10 years. I also make my way up north to UNIT 23 skatepark in Scotland which is one of the best skateparks in the world in my opinion.

There is not really any talking in this episode as the camera I have is very muffled. I hope to talk some more rubbish in the next ones. Excuse the spelling mistake. I did not see it till after I exported the video and could not be bothered changing it. haha.Alex Burston.

Featuring: Connor pearce, Matty Vella, Sam Garland, Matt Ford, Jake Rickets, Ben Shelbourne, Andrew Hosker, Nathan Robinson and Reuben Collins.

Alex Burston | BURST BLOG #3

Monday, February 13th, 2017

Alex Burston | BURST BLOG #3

In Manchester. Game of skate with Elliot Stevens and Jemelle ‘JAM’ Booth. Jam in hosptial. Skating Hulme skate park with Laura ‘Lemon’ Hemming on a fresh sunny day. Watching old footage with Scott ‘The head’ Hallows. Stockport DIY aka BONES skatepark with Tim Foil. Chips and gravy and chess. Macclesfield skatepark. Red Edward reborn. Lovely week.

Featuring all of the above and Dave Walton, Chris ‘Bossman’ Barrett, Ash Burgess, Dan James, Liam Randal, Tim Foil, Steven Burston and Ollie Sibbald / XB4T.

Music. Song 1: The Natural Curriculum-Chalk-Jazz club # Song 2: Skittles- Tip-i-cal-ly # Song 4: Realist to do it instrumental-Pro P # Song 5: Levelz- ROWDY BAD # Song 6: The mouse outfit ‘Sit back’ feat. Mufasa & Black Josh # Song 7: TNC.

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Alex Burston | BURST BLOG #2 (2017)

Friday, January 27th, 2017

Alex Burston

18.1.2017 – 22.1.2017. So we continue. Still at Matt Ford’s and Allan Chalmer’s house in Peterborough. We meet up with David Wing and Jason on sunny Friday to skate Jason’s grind box at a random underpass. Matt’s challenges got the better of me haha.

British championships at Adrenaline alley skate park in Corby. Featuring Matt Ford, Tanika, David Wing, Jason, Dan Ives, Mike Marsh, Laura, PASTA BAKE, Allan Chalmers, Ian Wing, Jeremy Kesler, Aritz Ortega, Anthony Mackie, Danny Aldridge, Dave Bell, Sammy Optiks, Joe Atkinson, Dom Bruce, Scott Quinn, Blake Bird, Laura Hemming, Rob Fox, Sam Davies, Lil Phillips, Keanan Mcgrath, Matt Brown, Brian Barron, Dan Collins, Si wheeler, Stig, Connair Skerritt, Matt King, Tomek Przybylik, Bibiche Klaasse, Mery Munoz, Steve Swain, Adrian Wallace, Mike Salt, Matty Vella, Carl Ambler, Kip, Jemelle Booth, Elliot Stevens, Michael Brookes, Tom Sharman, Leon Purdey, Nick Lomax, James Bower, Andy Spary, Dan Gorman, Mark Trebble, Julien Cudot, Adrien Anne, Matt Witchalls, Jay Cutterson and the man in the bath.

[Music] – Song 1: The Natural Curriculum-Chalk-Jazz club, Song 2: Skittles- Tip-i-cal-ly, Song 3: Circus music, Song 4: Realist to do it instrumental-Pro P, Song 5: The mouse outfit ft Sparkz and Dubble O slicker than average, Song 6: Levelz- ROWDY BAD, Song 7: Riddle Elcric instrumental.

Alex Burston: Burst BLOG #1 (2017) | Manchester x Bristol x Peterborough.

Friday, January 20th, 2017

I want to share with you as much of my general every day life as possible, without it getting too boring. With this episode being the first one it is 20 minutes in length. Future episodes may be shorter. Or may not. Either way, watch it its WELL GOOD! Alex Burston.

Alex Burston: Burst VLOG #1 (2017) | Manchester x Bristol x Peterborough.

On the fist episode I travel to Bristol to see Mark Trebble to hang and film some skating. I go from Bristol to Peterborough to visit Matt Ford to hang, skate and also go check Adrenaline alley skatepark in Corby.

Featuring Wez Davis, Laura Hemming (Lemon), Mark Trebble, Ollie Jones, Sam Davies, Matt Brown, Matt Ford and Allan Chalmers.

Music: #1: The Natural Curriculum-Chalk-Jazz club, #2: Riddle-Electric, #3: Elevator music 1 hour, #4: The investigator instrumental-Pro P, #5: Skittles-Tip-i-cal-ly, #6: Circus theme music, #7: Realest to do it instrumental-Pro P.