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Savage: Battle My Crew 5

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

Savage: Battle My Crew

Since Battle My Crew didn’t happen. We decided to upload it to the web instead of let it sit on a hard drive. All this precious moments that we capture needed to be exposed to the world.

Featuring Iain Mcleod, Colin Mcleod, Winston Wardwell, Eric Schaefer, Jeff Hamm, Buzz Holbrook & Alejoh Candelo.


Savage B-roll by Alejoh Candelo

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

After making the Savage BMC edit. I had some leftover footage that I didn’t want to go to waste so made this little piece. Much love to all the homies that busted their asses for the BMC edit.

Savage B-roll by Alejoh Candelo

Featuring Iain McLeod, Colin McLeod, Winston Wardwell, Eric Schaffer, Buzz Holbrook & Jeff Hamm.

Filmed by Ranier pyramid, Bill Hendricks, Quinn Feldman, Alejoh candelo & Winston Wardwell.

Savage Experiment: Edit by Alejoh Candelo

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

Savage Experiment: Edit by Alejoh Candelo, Winston Wardwell

Featuring Alejoh Candelo, Winston Wardwell, Colin Mcleod and Iain Mcleod. Visit

Winston Wardwell: King of Pain Edit by Alejoh Candelo

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Winston Wardwell: King of Pain Edit by Alejoh Candelo

Winston Wardwell and Alejoh Candelo collaborating on this piece, showcasing Winston’s amazing talents on blades.

Filmed in just 8 sessions, it shows he’s got the ability to basically film a full skate section with super limited time.

Previously: Winston Wardwell (California): Hola muchachos, Edit by Alejoh Candelo.

Winston Wardwell (California): Hola muchachos, Edit by Alejoh Candelo

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Winston Wardwell: Hola muchachos, Edit by Alejoh Candelo

All healed up and ready to go, Winston Wardwell is in the streets of San Clemente almost every day he can to film for the upcoming Razors vid.

He’s been skating so much in fact, that his hard drive is overloaded with clips from last year, so he had to sit down with his buddy, Alejoh, and put a little something together to keep us up to date on his skating.

This edit shows how rugged Winston is on the blades. Every trick he does requires full commitment, no pussy-footing around for this hombre. He’s a straight shooting sonuva-gun and he’s got the trick vocabulary and spot selection that’ll keep you wanting more. Adios.

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Rockillers: B-Roll Edit II by Alejoh Candelo

Saturday, October 8th, 2011


Here is another BROLL edit. Filmed with canon 60D and the HD flip camera.

Filmed by Alejoh Candelo, Colin Mcleod, Quinn Feldman & Winston Wardwell ; edited by Alejoh Candelo.

Rockillers: B-Roll Raw Edit by Alejoh Candelo

Saturday, September 17th, 2011


Bonus: RK Oldies

Featuring Alejoh Candleo, Anthony Williams, Colin Mcleod, Demetrios George, Iain Mcleod, Tom Prendergast & Winston Wardwell.