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Airwalk Skates 2011 (?)

Friday, July 15th, 2011

It seems that Airwalk released a new skate (under 100$). Airwalk is more a sneaker brand but already released skates in the past. Thanks Matetune.

airwalk skates

Airwalk : Same Mold, New Skates

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

airwalk inline aggressive skates
^ Airwalk Skates

Airwalk will release a new skate, read more about it here. It seems that the skate mold used by Airwalk is an old one, that were used by a lot of other brand.

quoting George Amos :

Same Bauer mold used by Anarchy for their Chaos skates.

Fine, they’re cheap and they’re not intruding on existing markets, but do we really want to get the next generation of rollers started on skates of this quality?

Cheap Skate mold
^ Another Skate using the same mold

Check some Photos :
Thanks Nemoz !

Airwalk Inline Aggressive Skates

Monday, May 29th, 2006

Airwalk Inline Aggressive Skates
quoting Hifo :

Many of you are going to say “What is wrong with them, we don’t need more skating companies”. We need more money put into existing ones”.

Well this might not be a bad thing. They are priced at a $59.99, which is pretty cheap compared to $139.99 – $314.99. This isn’t going to scare off too many parents at the sight of the price. Who knows this might be a nice thing.

It seems that Airwalk is now producing Aggressive Skates.
Discuss about it in the forums. Thanks Hifo.

Read more about the history of Airwalk and check the Taig Kris Sneakers that Airwalk will release in June/July 2006.

A bit of History about Airwalk Sneakers

Tuesday, March 21st, 2006

Airwalk Sneakers

Airwalk recently released 4 sneaker models signed by Taig Kris. As some may already know, Airwalk is not a new brand, the brand was founded as a skateboard shoe company in 1986 and evolved through the years.

By the way Airwalk is doing a survey, tell them about Rollerblading and Rollernews ! (questions : what do you shred the hardest – what is the sickest website)

Here is the Airwalk Story

Airwalk was a popular Californian boardsport lifestyle clothing company that hit its zenith in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The company made skate shoes, t-shirts, snowboard boots, and other products. Airwalk was established in 1986, and throughout the years sponsored various professional skaters such as Jason Lee and Tony Hawk. In the late 1990s, Airwalk went through some changes and their products weren’t seen in surf or skate shops for a few years, but new shoes are being sold at various discount shoe stores like Payless Shoes and Modells around the country. (source)


Airwalk : Taig Kris Sneakers

Tuesday, March 7th, 2006

airwalk sneakers

Airwalks are back…with new style!

The new Airwalk sneakers are designed by the alltime Halfpipe champion Taig Kris ! The sneakers are made of high quality material, cutted and twisted leather, Taig Logopatch at the backside, Taig signature stitching, Airwalks Logopatches…

The Airwalk Sneakers will be available in June-July, for about 80euros.
Discuss about it in the forums. Thanks El.julio!

More Photos :