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Chynna Weierstall: 2 Much Leftovers

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Chynna Weierstall: 2 Much Leftovers

Chynna Weierstall: 2 Much Flavor Section

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

For those who missed this 2011 gem.
Repost. First posted on August 2011.

Filmed by Ryan Benner & Al Dolega ; edited by Ryan Benner.

Chynna Weierstall

And if you wonder why Chynna Weierstall started wearing a helmet, she answered in the comments.

Chynna Weierstall

Left: grinding a rail when foot stuck throwing me forward hitting my head on the cement.
Right: Not waxing a rail in the cold before you skate it = bad idea.

More Media: Chynna Weierstall | 2 Much Flavor.

Aaron Pyle: 2 Much Flavor Section

Friday, August 19th, 2011

Aaron Pyles section from 2 Much Flavor. Edited and filmed by Ryan Benner & Josh Livesay.

Aaron Pyle

Andrew Thompson: 2 Much Flavor Section

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Filmed all over Ohio by Ryan Benner (2009 to 2011) ; edited by Andrew Thompson.

Andrew Thompson 2 Much Flavor Section

2 Much Flavor: More Sections.

Reed Huston: 2 Much Flavor Section

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Reed Huston

2 Much Flavor: Trailer

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Do you like flipping bottles, vests, stalefish grabs, super slow mo and hurricane top souls? We dont.

2 Much Flavor is a video by Ryan Benner & Andrew Thompson that took way to long to make. If you want a refreshing take on rollerblading then we think you will like it.

2 much flavor

Features full sections on Aaron Pyle, Chynna Weierstall, Dan Mikesell, Reed Huston & Andrew Thompson.

The premiere will be on July 23rd after the KSPS ( Kettering skate plaza showdown ) at the Neon Theater in Downtown Dayton Ohio. The whole video will be online for FREE August 12th 2011 because were poor.


2 Much Flavor: Teaser

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

The squeal to “Savor the Flavor” entitled “2 Much Flavor” is a film by Ryan Benner & Andrew Thompson. It is scheduled to release in late 2010.

too much flavour


2 Much Flavor: Interview and edit

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Skate sits down with 2 Much Flavor creator to chat about there new video.

too much flavor

I got a chance this weekend to roll around with the guys behind the “Savor the Flavor” video that took the Dayton scene to another level.

Ryan Benner, Aaron Pyle, and Andrew Thompson are all really nice guys and great skaters.

Their style is original (flavorful?), and their humor unique. So get out your salt and pepper shakers, here’s what they had to say.

How long have you guys been skating together?

Ryan: Aaron Pyle and I have been skating together since we were about 15. We’ve been skating with Andrew for five or six years. He’s a little younger than us; I’m 24 and Aaron is 23. […]

Check the Dayton Flavor Interview.
Thanks Ryan Benner.