Sven Boekhorst: Dutch Skateparks, Compilation

In the first months of 2013, Sven Boekhorst travelled around the Netherlands with his Go-Pro to film clips in all the dutch indoor skateparks. Here is the recap edit.

Sven Boekhorst: Dutch Skatepark Compilation

You can check a separate edit for each of those skateparks on Sven’s Youtube channel and on Sven Boekhorst was also featured on dutch television: Youtube Link.

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  • Valo skater

    13 parcs in this short time is pretty hardcore! Looked like fun and good parcs in the Netherlands.

    Keep it up Sven

  • .Fx

    I actually didnt knew there were 13 indoors in here. Check out the density, you can hop from one indoor park to another within the hour! Also nice to see the local passing by (the one with the massive spin air and blue grindbox)

    Ever so productive, thank you Sven!

  • Freds

    Why cant Holland build a decent skatepark like for ex. in Belgium and the UK..

  • Adrien

    Best trick is Joery 360 backslide cess fish stall roll down!!!