Street Fighter III (Mineapolis): 2010 Edit + Photos

street fighter 3

Photo: Brad Magnuson – AO Soul, by Andy Schaefer.

Revolution Team Rider Brad Magnuson recently took 2nd Place the at the Street Fighter 3 Real Street Competition in Minneapolis, MN. Here is a quick rundown from Brad about the final spot.

“Everyone was dead by the final spot. It was 85 degrees, the sun was beating down, and the humidity was pretty bad. The last spot was this classic MN kink rail from the I4I Street comps.

I did a/o soul from the toy rail to a/o soul the kink rail. I almost did a/o soul transfer up 360 tru miz. I locked it 2x and slid to the kink but I was exhausted by that time. I was even vomiting up the water I was trying to take in.”

More Photos of the AO Soul by Brad Magnuson.

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  • DarthRoller

    Sick footage, sick trips.

    Constructive criticism regarding the edit/filming:

    All of the Spot 2 clips were taken from the one angle. Would have been nice to see more than one, but I appreciate all the awkwardness of maybe having too much stuff/not wanting to move in case you miss a hammer/laziness on a really hot day. Plus it’s free footage ;) so it’s a tip, not hate/complaints.

    A point about 99% of “street” comps generally that has bugged me for years:

    They’re not street comps. They’re rail comps. Or grind comps.

    Almost always a warm-up spot consisting of a knee-high ledge. Then a handrail. Followed by a kink rail or a drop rail, or maybe both.

    Would love to see tests of people’s STREET ability at STREET comps and not just their grind ability. Take them by surprise. Reward the all-rounders. Will mean the full cab true topside everything people might work on more varied stuff.

    A wallride over a fence to drop. A big gap. A wallride to rail. A bench dragged in between a ledge and a rail to see what anyone can do. A launch built up to a high wall edge.

    Mix it up!!!

    Anyway, that is a general point aimed at street comps I don’t want to ramble on about as I don’t like to single out this one. Footage was sick, tricks were sick and Minneappolis is full of amazing rollers.

  • Notorious Tom

    While I agree with your essay there Darth, I think they just kept to a format that everyone is familiar with and grinds on rails are easy to judge.

    Alot of street like wallrides and and gaps are alot harder to judge, like say someone laces a sick smooth 540 but someone 900s it in an awkward way do you give the point to the smooth or the ballsy trick, depends on judges I guess.

    I personally think they shouldn’t judge these things but it gives people an incentive to do a better trick so it’s all good.

    This edit looked like a fun day.

  • ::{BMF} Dave

    This edit makes me so insanely happy!

  • silvestre

    osm, but I was expecting some SF3rd strike music

  • jakethesnakefromlosangeles

    I think they should rename the comp to “Battle of the worst styles ever” hahahaha Good tricks but man those were some nasty styles.

  • darin

    Chemi, I love you

  • carlos

    i agree with darth roller, creativity and therefore skating at its full can be better seen if the spots are varied, not just rails… rails rails rails always rails

  • jim

    what is the 2nd sound please?

  • Marcus

    silvestre agree with with you Street Fighter soundtracks!!!!!

    and i think brad should be the first place

  • Jake Olson

    that comp was sooooooo fun!!!! i cant wait till the next comp…and bout time someone fiiiinaly came out with an edit!!!!!

  • Drew

    I agree with @jakethesnakefromlosangeles. this edit looks like it could have been from ’98.

  • Paul

    what is the 2nd song please! thanks :)

  • SomeoneWhoWasThere

    the second spot was hardcore, the rail was low and all but it was hella fast and the run up and landing were both fucking garbage so ya it was kinda hard to have good style on that rail.

  • sebastien gosselin

    dirtyyyy brad so fucking sickkkk