Strange Creatures (Dvd): Trailer

A video by Amir Amadi that is currently in the works as of February 2009.

The video should be completed by early February 2010.

STRANGE CREATURES will feature full length profiles on Adam Brierley, Keith Brierley, Dean Coward, & introducing Matt Luda. It will also have clips of some good friends Winston Wardwell, Alejoh Candelo, Chris Tinsley, & more of them too.

strange creatures


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  • Casey Geraghty

    looks awesome!!!

    those slo mo jams look interlaced tho.

  • john

    this is going to be amazing ! you guys have great style

  • Kristjan

    I can`t wait it

  • amir amadi

    Casey, I know. Haha Adams fakie 3 stale was bad. I de-interlaced everything beside the slow motion because I ramped them and then forgot. But thanks, guys!

  • 666

    are you guys actually going to make a video? usually you just release trailers and then no video….

  • smoker

    besides the fact that the slow mos are interlaced.. you used pretty low budget camera equipement, right?

    trailers looking pretty fresh though, cant go wrong with those skaters

  • rew

    This looks really cool.

  • skooter

    tight pants, nihms, and valo’s…what more could u ask for??

    (im being sarcastic btw)


  • skeeter

    as opposed to baggy pants and unbuckled razors?

    jump off a cliff skooter

  • proHO

    i just did a little poo…
    cant bloody wait to see this!!!

  • Travis Rhodes

    Super juiced to see the vid. You doods rock! Trailor was wicked bro!

  • slims

    i did a little jizz…this is going to be SICKKKKKK!!!!


    probably wont come out but it looks cool

    luda’s tricks are super weak as always, he seems like such a fake phoney guy just teh way he carriest himself and stuff.

  • jim bob

    these kids will shit on you skooter

  • bobby fizzle

    god damn rollerblading is hip.

  • skooter

    its not about the pants or skates…like dood said above me…rollerblading is “HIP” now…might as well get a fixed gear bike and ride it around san francisco…
    this trailer looks exactly like the CREEP trailer…

    i remember wen the way u dressed had nothing to do with rollerblading…or being HIP


  • Ross

    lol, skooter must have been living in a fantasy land. I remember when everyone wore baggy ass fucking pants.

    It’s ironic that he’s the one talking about rollerblading having nothing to do with the way you dress, yet talking shit about people for the way they dress, and for the brand of skates they skate…

    The shame is that thoughts like this are still around.

  • Here we go!

    another trendy skating vid.

  • Here we go!

    and whats up with those stupid looking mustaches?

  • Adam B

    This vid is going to be awesome, good job Amadi.
    Btw this video will be released with you a doubt!

  • sk8rs_s0uL

    looks good….skating is gonna be awesome.

  • skooter

    im not talking shit about all..just pointing out the obvious…

    Here we go! Says:
    February 1st, 2010 at 7:44 am

    another trendy skating vid.

    im not the only one stating the obvious…

  • dickydamage

    shit is mad lame.. not because of style or whatever… just a gay concept.. slow motion with bad music…

  • bballog

    luda luda luda luda broskow

  • Oh Oh

    Say no to drugs kids!

    Just like these kids!
    young, rich and not so pure!

    Luda you belong in chicago! ;)

    cool glimpse.

  • Vosss

    strange fucking creatures

  • nutsonya chin

    that was fuckin weak.. you guys are gay!
    do some real tricks pussies!

  • Here we go!

    this is probably gonna sell about 5 copies…..due to the weak skating

  • Harry Maynard

    Shame you didn’t de-interlace the ramped slo-mo. It wasn’t bad, I think you can do better.

  • amir amadi

    thanks, everyone. all the dudes skating harder, and i am probably releasing another trailer. luda is coming out the beginning of march, so the video will hopefully be done by mid march.

  • barack obama

    rollerblading is gay I guess I would like to have the 90ies back with senate ultravides that was cool and oxygen skates and cool 90ies punk-rock like green day I`m being sarcastic now i guess

  • Pavel Manyutin