Straight Jackit (2003) by Adam Johnson: Full video

Straight Jackit was a term thought up by Jeromy Morris, Alex Broskow, Brandon Mateer, and Adam Johnson as they journeyed from Kansas to California for the first of many trips. The Straight Jackit video won video of the year in 2003 and was nominated for sections of the year for Chris Farmer and Alex Broskow. 2009 Repost.

Straight Jackit

Straight Jackit Part 1: Intro

This is the introduction to Straight Jackit, the DVD that propelled Vibralux into the limelight and featured some of the hottest skating to date. Ignorant kids still claim they like Broskow and Farmer better in this video then current projects… silly.

Straight Jackit Part 2: Brian Aragon

Brian Aragon’s breakout part when we put him on game. Should have been scooter blader x, but everything is what it is for a reason…

Straight Jackit Part 3: Aesop montage

Straight Jackit Part 4: The KFC montage

The KFC montage in Straight Jackit was one of my favorite parts of the video. Most everyone in the crew came out and handled at least one trick for this part.

Straight Jackit Part 5: (Metallica montage)

Straight Jackit Part 6: Chris Haffey

Straight Jackit Part 7: Chris Farmer

Chris Farmer filmed this part of the video in 10 days without his right ankle. If you notice he only does a handful of things with his right foot due to an injury. Since Jero and I were going to be in town shooting he sucked it up and came through with a part. Professional grade dedication.

Straight Jackit Part 8: Alex Broskow

Alexander Broskow is featured in this section from 2003. Style was a bit different, but it was one of his breakout parts as a skater. Won section of the year in 2003.

Straight Jackit Part 9: Vibralux Team part

This is the Vibralux Team part from KFC 3 Straighjacket. Features Alex Broskow, Chris Farmer, and Chris Haffey. Winter 2003 release.

Straight Jackit Part 10: Credits

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  • Grizool

    inverted like bang!!

  • 3m3m

    “Ignorant kids still claim they like Broskow and Farmer better in this video then current projects… silly.” Im ignorant and silly ;(

  • goomi

    One of the best videos of all time!!!

  • luke skywalker!

    “Ignorant kids still claim they like Broskow and Farmer better in this video then current projects… silly.”

    hmm i must be ignorant as well then!
    haffeys section FTMFW!

  • Mike

    Everybody looked better then.

    Let there egos get to them.

  • portas

    This video is Broskow at his peak. Farmer very slightly passed his peak. Aragon and Haffey probably have only recentley passed their peaks if at all.

  • flowskate

    could someone tell me what section it is where broskw flips through that tree off a parking lot two floors up?
    that was craaazy!

  • Bates

    One of the best rollerblading videos ever made!!

  • paparazzi

    ae this is what I call sick man

  • mike

    oh fuckin a one of the best videos ive ever seen and i lost this mine like 3 years ago

  • 3m3m

    to flowskate: some friend section after intro or little bit later on!

  • alex(piano)

    le patins a son meilleur

  • kaschi

    over and over awesome :D

  • Keep on rollin


  • Quinn Feldman

    A land mark video in skating one of the best videos of all time for sure!!!

  • longinus

    yeah totally ignorant and silly here… i still skate baggy in spite of every one in Sydney going tight because this dvd and Broskow in particular left such an impression on me. The Vibralux section still kills just about anything that’s been released imo.

  • Kwan

    wear what you want to wear…. not just because anyone in this video did, or does…

  • Quinnmo

    man this video was amazing,
    really shows how much the skating scene has changed. not just with style but with way different ideas and tricks. great video

  • mike

    RIP old broscow you were amazing

  • gay

    guess im also an “ignorant kid”.

    even tho most “kids” weren’t even skating when these videos were out. its more likely older people that like the older skaters. don’t get me wrong, there is quite a lot of good shit out there today but i love these kinda videos…

  • Richie Velasquez 2

    badass vid. love the disaster bs royale.

  • Danielson of the Hotfire Crew

    Correction portas. Eventhough Broskow and Farmer still skate very well, I agree that they have passed their peek. But Haffey and Aragon aren’t even close yet. Aragon will probly never hit his peak because he always skates the same( nice technical tricks with average style and no creativity). If your skating never evolves, then you can’t hit your “peak”. Haffey is definately still getting better. He actually came after most of these guys, and inproved his skill at an insane rate. In all the older videos I have, Broskow always looked to be on a completely higher level from Haffey. But it has been the opposite for the last few years, and I don’t think that it will ever go back. He is definately still getting better. His tricks are more technical, his style is getting better in every new edit I see him in (which I think is the only thing he isn’t completely dominant with), and he is still going as big as ever. C’mon, he destroyed everybody’s best tricks at the SkateFactory, and then he pulled that insane HUGE 720 soul last yearlast year. He is one of the only big name skaters to still be progressing in his twenties. But like everybody knows, Haffey is not human. I just hope that he is still our top dog when rollerblading gets back in the spotlight, because he deserves that recognition from the masses.

  • Matt

    thank god they put this video online, My friend borrowed it and then lost it.

    too bad they don’t have the secret section where that one guy did “surgery on himself”