Storm Origins, Concrete Circus Freerun Film Starring Mathieu Ledoux

Mathieu Ledoux

Storm Origins, a 4.5 minutes short film made for the Channel 4 Documentary Concrete Circus. Includes outtakes & bail clips at the end!

Starring Mathieu Ledoux, Paul ‘Blue’ Joseph & Phil Doyle. Directed by Claudiu Voicu.

Photos: Songs: Chemical Brothers (Hanna OST) – Escape 700 & Container Park ; TI – Big Shit Poppin.

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  • DarthRoller

    Really wish Matheiu Ledoux and thus rollerblading had got a much more prominent appearance in this film, rather than the cameo it seemed to get.

    Also wish these documentaries wouldn’t use “parkour” and “free running” as interchangeable terms, as parkour is a utilitarian discipline based of efficient moving through-out one’s path, reach and escape, whereas the term “free running” only came about as a result of Guillaume Pelletier deciding for the channel 4 documentary Jump London in 2003 that the term “parkour” wouldn’t be received by and English speaking audience, so called what was being performed through-out the documentary (Sebastien Foucan’s personal interpretation of l’art du deplacement) “free running” and people from Southern England started doing flips/rooftop jumps/using foam pits etc.

    That’ll mean nothing to nobody, but as someone who does parkour, it’s annoying. Ah well!!!!!

  • Weseeum

    LOve it fuckin good job!

  • YI YIiiiiiiii

    I would like to see some more parkour guys get some rollerblades on.

  • Wow

    very professional production and liked the overall concept and flow. But that hasnt done rollerblading any favours. Ledoux has got his own thing going on and i respect that but for rollerblading I couldnt think of a worse ambassador

  • T B

    Good stuff!

    Your comment was a bit too…

  • ghim

    i dont think mathieus skating style, even though its absolutely incredible, really suited the whole “race” theme.. still looked great though..

  • Anonymous

    Matheiu Ledoux is illin.

    that part where the black guy swan dove to the ledge but went underneath a big handrail set was fucking crazy.

    also i thought the fire was fake for a while… weird

  • BOOM

    I watched this program last night, I thought it was both informative and interesting. Unfortunately the part that was informative wasn’t interesting and part that was interesting wasn’t informative.

  • 4114N


    Please go back and do it again.

  • Jezza

    that shit was amazing!!

  • the man

    That was officially fire, good stuff. Shame there weren’t any really big blading hammers but this is great publicity. I really like Ledoux’s style too he is good at doing original stuff.

  • Anonymous

    fucking GAY! leave rollerblading out of this circus bullshit

  • Kevon “Biz” Thompson

    This was amazing, and fun to watch.
    Can’t wait to see this rest of it

    Questiong though, does anybody know the brand off hoodie that mathieu ledoux was wearing? really wantt o get my hands one a couple

  • Bryan fajkovic

    Good job ledoux!!!!! Can’t wait see more

  • Franco

    That was some MIND BLOWING stuff dude!!! Compared to the things those two parkour guys did on their feet (which was downright INSANE), the blading wasn’t all that jaw-dropping, but still Ledoux has a great flow, makes his stuff look good as always, and I thought it was all very well edited together.

  • Jamie Harris

    Prime time British Television, Bunch of retards seriously Shut up this was really good i watched it last night although i would have expected Mathieu Ledoux to have a whole feature as the Shows advertising ran with a photo of him and one of 5 names.

  • bm

    @Kevon The brand is called “long collective”. And this edit was simply awesome .

  • gazmos

    Can’t wait to so more? I think Ledoux has more tricks up his sleeve for future edits…….. hopefully.

  • Al@n

    I Knew about parkour when I see a movie from French call Yamakasi that a long time ago, For the love of rollerblading Mathieu still want to put rollerblading in this Parkour movie…and hope more people coming to rollerblading and big respect from there + I love Mathieu Fashion Style it different from others…

  • dale

    i give that an applause. great job

  • aaron turner

    WOW!!!!! free running and skating at the same time. did not think it would work untill i saw this. amazing as fuck!!!!

  • pb

    he was trying to get out the riot zones in croydon right? was sick!!

  • Adam Brown

    I would never want to play a game of tag with any of these guys lol but seriously, that was some tight shit =)

  • HK

    where is Taig ??

  • madhatter

    at least he does not look like farmer

  • Anonymous

    That was insane! Just seeing limits pushed in trainers, makes me wanna go out ‘n skate harder. This is great exposure for us and since people usually follow mainstream media, I can imagine a lot of parkour-kids will add (or at least try) rollerblades to their repertoire. It’s like in skating how trends in tricks and fashion emerge because people see the pros setting them (Think pudslides now, savannahs, vests hahah – the good/bad). It’s just how it is.

  • toco

    parkour with balls,

  • dyed red deshis

    This whole thing is super fucking sick. Matt did excellent work. that ledge gap to royale to ledge stall drop was insane. even how he got hit by the car. the black guy’s corkscrew 900 over the fence was out of this world.

  • xsjadomonkey

    that was sickkkkk

  • Anonymous

    makes rollerblading look tiny next to parkour ….

  • Anonymous

    he seriously just swan dove off a fucking building like he was jumping into the swimming pool… wtf… def a first try trick…

  • John Juan Dillingham

    So sick, really enjoyed this, talent was insane.

  • dyed red deshis

    ledoux is a flit boy. true story.

  • pcooley

    swan dive was absolutely insane

  • Daniel Franco

    was sickk


  • dyed red deshis

    Asshole portraying me at 9:11 pm. get your own damn screen name. fuck face. even more so you need to truly learn the definition of spell check. Seriously I’m American. What in the Fuck is a Flit?

  • Liad Elbaz

    great thing to see some rollerblading at the movies!

  • dyed red deshis

    I care so much about my gay internet name and I only use American dildos on my assssssshhhoooolllleeeeeeeeeeee

  • tvix

    refreshing and good vibe . the tech level of all is high and fun to watch

  • Marcus

    verryyyyyy coolllllllllll!!!!! AWESOME work!!!!

  • daveonflow

    100% like it. Cool work! Yeah

  • scott loper

    stfu you guys wish you could rip around a city the way he does.

  • Goffredi

    I like the idea of using aggressive skills for transportation like that. I just would have liked to see higher speed stunts by Mathieu.