Still Worried about your weight?

Still Worried about your weight?

Taktika shared more informations on skate weights. Thanks Rob.

Still Worried about your weight?

Still Worried about your weight?

All Skates in size US 9, EUR 42.

Previously: USD Carbon 3 Bambrick, Weight comparison.

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  • rok jarc

    im on ufs thrones right now… love em…
    400 g …. eaven my pantz are heavier!! dude

  • soul skater braah

    so much for the valo “light”… scared to see how much a normal valo weighs

  • Johann

    i would like to know how much a normal valo weights. if that is the light then …

  • Anonymous

    who gives a flying fuck????!!!! Light skates will not make you better

  • .Fx

    Haha, nice one!
    I must admit that the actual weight of VII raised an eyebrow…I expected them to weight a whole lot more!

  • some young guy

    pleeeeeeaaaase!… somebody weigh a k2 fatty boot or a salomon boot with out the wide body…. we ALREADY HAD lite skates… so why are people willing to pay 35 for a carbon boot when u coulda had a salomon boot for 150 and it would weighed the same. OR you could STILL have a fatty boot and have it be one of the lightest skate out.

    U want a light skate? K2 fatty boot with Ground control frames. Cost: 200$

  • some young guy
  • suck it

    Weight doesn’t matter that much but it does matter. The lighter the skate the more natural you can move around…

    Skate weight I guess is not a big deal for the noobs out there. But all of us old school guys can remember what it was like rollin with bricks on our feet !

  • some young guy

    we need to start a petition going to bring Salomon back… fo rillz!!!

  • Anonymous

    Valo is for gay vest skaters. USD is for skaters who actualy do real tricks.

  • LOL

    Maybe rename them Valo Heavy?

    USD ftmfw

  • France Rules

    no wonder Americans cant do big tricks – their skates are too heavy. USD Carbons are the best skates on the planet.

  • jooe

    It’s not about getting better at skating, it’s about keeping up with the rest of the world, the skates has to progress along with the sport

  • really??

    you fuckers are bitching about skate weight??
    weight does not make you skate better….SMH!
    the actual build of the skates and how you USE THEM DO!!
    more than half of you fucks probably cant skate shit higher than your knee anyways. so it wont matter if your skating carbons or fucking VALOS!
    have fun skating small shit while us big boys actually go hit something up bigger than knee high ledges and P rails.

  • bam

    light skates will not make you better but its better if skates are light!

    Also USD carbon skates are not good just because they are light.. TECHNOLOGY used in that skate is best thing what could happen to aggro blading! Thin, responsive, light, moldable = BEST SKATES!

  • mother

    people need to start hitting them gym…

    your leg muscles need working on if you’re crying about 400 extra grams.

    I think it’s good that light skates are being developed, but kids are running away with the idea that they can’t do good tricks unless they’ve got light skates…

    plus, the price tags are crazy. you can justify it in speed skating etc where your skates aren’t getting wrecked. but my skates rarely last more than a year, spending £300 aint justified…

    you fools are all part of a marketers dream.

  • Neurosis

    IF Salomon made a comeback with a good team they would rule again. For sure. I know everybody who has been on Salos misses the crap out of that brand.

  • Saya Timmy

    Ok ENOUGH of this weight issue!!!

    I’m pretty sure USD Grycons are the world’s lightest skate. They are much lighter than the USD Carbon or the Valo Lights (aka the USD Concretes and the Valo Heavies…or the Valo Leads).

    Grycons were so light that I could do basically every grind (well, all the sweet ones like sweat stance to alleyoop mizou)

    Grycons were also the best looking skate out (remember the Josh Petty’s?? Untouchable).

    The only other thats close would be the Alex Broskow Rollerblade pro model (the golden ones) maybe because of the tiny holes in the skins?

    I am 100% certain of the grycons. I am a teacher and I can safely say..

    Do you agree?
    Grycons rule.

  • Attn some young guy

    What size are those Solomon’s? I’m looking for a 9, but don’t want to do all the work