Steven Tat: Southern Scum, Park Edit

Steven Tat: Southern Scum, Park Edit

Filmed & edited by Cameron Martin.


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  • Anonymous

    Just slayed that park; didnt even look like it took effort either; beast man !

  • Anonymous

    Really random editing cuts. Looked like he skated the park to get clips

  • Anonymous

    He did skate the park to get clips. It’s Valle choreographed. This is not a southernscum edit, but also a tri state skate edit too. Look at the shirt.

  • Matt Pantz

    Nice Koozie bro…

  • Nick Shand

    The editing in this video SUCKED! There was no emotion or feel to the editing. The tricks were MEDICORE at best, apart from the 720 I didn’t feel this edit was up to scratch really. Another AM that DOESN’T deserve it.

  • White Power

    I love the S.S. bolts you people use. Fucking idiots.

  • Anonymous

    Always hater on rollernews hating on the very thing they do smh

  • Steven Tat

    Damn it another park edit. Fuckin dude is a park rat.

  • filip

    this sucked pretty hard. also the music was gay. i usually like this dudes skating :/

  • Anonymous

    i like tat. whoever filmed this sucks (stop panning and focus the fucking camera). whoever edited this sucks (stop getting me ready for a trick and then kill it with b roll). i couldn’t pay attention to any tricks. the whole edit was a shitty intro and it wasn’t because of tat or his tricks.

  • Steven Tat

    Titts for Tat :)

  • Anonymous

    couldnt even finish that. garbage. he hasnt progressed since he stopped skating nimhs. the year is 2012 asshole. do something different

  • john ritter

    yeah it was probably a little choreographed, but these tricks are ones that steven does in his sleep. who doesn’t make an edit and plan out tricks you want to land? $100 says this was all filmed in about 7 minutes right before the park closed and each trick was done immediately after the one before it and all done first try. suck it fags he’s better than all of you.

  • Shit Head

    Fuck skinny jeans my nigga. That’s on some real shit.

  • Steven Tat

    skateboarding is the shit! good nigga glad you didn’t finish that cuz. don’t really care whos see that. i like to skate. so quit peeing out of your ass and go out and skate.
    if anyone from the south skating this weekend hit me up fools!
    your boi

  • Anonymous
  • epic

    LOL “Another am that doesn’t deserve it”. You kids are silly.
    Tat does tricks you dream about doing.

  • Trill Bill

    That negative was of the heezy. Tat has been beast mode.