Stephanie Richer: From passion to frustration (2016)

Stephanie Richer - From passion to frustration (2016)

If you want to know why I quit… Click play. Thanks to all of you for having contribute to who I became. – Stephanie Richer.

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  • MarcustheMaroonManatee

    So pathetic, martina svobodova quit( she was actually really fucking good) and didnt make a 15 minute long vodeo and cry about how she felt the need to win everything because she had a fucking complex . She was G as fuck , ur shit was wack all the time, only reason u got sponsored is because ur a girl in the first place .

  • MarcustheMaroonManatee

    Skate for fun not because u wanna be the best. Martina svobodova was the best, and youll never come close to her skill level. Making a 15 minute video about how inconsistent you were is just sad. Get over yourself

    • Skylands

      Too harsh. Forget about who’s the best girl..can you do 450 ao topsoul on a quarter? I bet she’s not only better than most girls, but lots of guys too! And of course everyone starts off skating for fun but when you represent a company you also have responsibilities and pressure that you didn’t have before which can really wear on you, especially after injuries. Hopefully she can get back to the fun of skating someday without having to push herself so hard.

  • Karlos Junior

    I had such respect for you. Now, not so much. why can you have fun? Im 39, inconsistant as hell but that time when you land that trick after 200 attempts can be beat, FYI you are still good.

  • rol247

    can we have the comments back then?

  • Sylvain Biard

    Dans mon immeuble y’a un gars qui a arrĂȘtĂ© le roller aussi, il en avait marre.