Stephanie Richer: Fenfanix (2013) Bordeaux, Park Edit


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30 Responses to “Stephanie Richer: Fenfanix (2013) Bordeaux, Park Edit”

  1. peter Says:

    Mad skills! cute too.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Scary how good this girl’s getting. Can easily give a lot of guys a run for their money.

  3. daaaayum! Says:

    Sooooo goood!!!!

  4. Mathew Says:

    Really high and impressive technical level !!!
    Strange music choice.
    The brand is also specialist
    in ugly clothes and ugly products,
    not long to live left …

  5. Tom Says:

    Awsome! never seen a girl this good.

  6. RollInDublin Says:

    Elle taquine la zouz !

  7. Rafael Messias Says:

    Amazing !!! keep rolling

  8. BenShelbourne - real Says:

    Girls rollerblading is stupid, its like girls football

    You know it shouldnt be allowed, it doesnt look good, you know they will never be as good as da boys, but you allow it anyway because everyone needs a break from the kitchen.

  9. Furr Shizzle Says:

    Had a flashback to Nickel & Dime II

  10. Super Saiyan Says:

    i d still bang her

  11. P. Parnell Says:

    Dieu que j’aime Stéphanie Richer, sois ma femme !!!

  12. guillaume legentil Says:

    Encore un prototype bordelais de RATpark……
    Rdv en street

  13. Anonymous Says:

    yea shes good and really cute keep progressing

  14. Anonymous Says:


  15. Anonymous Says:

    matthew confirmed for hating frenchie

    damn girl i want to touch the hieny

  16. maaad Says:

    KILLING IT!!!!!!!

  17. J Says:

    Just like the WNBA pointless…….

  18. blah Says:

    kalitks with anti rockers… GROM

  19. Tom Says:

    WFT happend to this website :O
    fucking caveman behind there litlle screens.

  20. Razors Says:

    nice skating!hard tricks

  21. Rolling Love Says:

    Girl is killing it! No doubt she has mad skills and sick style, Stephanie you rule! Congrats on the Fenfanix sponsership, well deserved, effing juiced on your edit!

  22. Anonymous Says:

    All she blades is coping n u guys think shes good . 5 year olds can

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Get your park rat out for the lads. Jokes asside..good coping tricks

  24. lstieger Says:

    0:27 aoutch :-s

  25. pom Says:

    NICE! her alleyoop topsouls gave me boners and god what I’d do to that 450 kindgrind…

  26. Anonymous Says:

    girls got steez

  27. Mo Lester Says:

    I’d do a 69 on top with that one…. Lolz

  28. Anonymous Says:

    This is why girls rarely post their videos on here. U lot are the biggest bunch of effin creeps… go back to skating as its the only thing ur good at apparently.. STEPH RULES!!

  29. Anonymous Says:

    She deserves à boot sponsor aswell imo

  30. Eyed Bjanghir Says:

    As long as a girl is cute, pretty, bangable, they will be accepted. All that is required is just the bare minimum of skill.