Stefan Brandow // Manifest Decimation (2016)

I never quit skating. After sustaining a concussion that made me lose my sense of smell and taste I took a much needed mental and physical break from skating and I started to take my health more seriously.

Stefan Brandow // Manifest Decimation (2016)

For the past 8 months I’ve been working full time for 5 multi-million dollar fitness brands doing their design and video. It has allowed me to have the ability to skate how I want to again.

Have fun skating. Do what you want. Wear what you want. Listen to what you want. Skate what you want. Do you and fuck what everyone thinks.Stefan Brandow.

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  • dontgetbutthurt

    now that’s what I call edgy

    people know you didn’t actually quit. you just made a facebook post saying you quit for the attention.

    but fuck what everyone thinks!

  • Desi Jones

    That was awesome!