SSM Spainweiser

Featuring Chris Dafick, Adria Saa, Leon Humphries, Marc Moreno and Paco Rey. Visit

SSM Spainweiser

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26 Responses to “SSM Spainweiser”

  1. LacedWithSOB Says:

    Holy Shet that was bonkerss.You guys fuckin killed it

  2. Me Says:

    Solid. 10 min song

  3. Anonymous Says:

    thats why i skate ssm

  4. Cellbester herpnanderson Says:

    i felt like i was on drugs with that song, but more importantly
    killer blading!!!!

    super shredders

  5. Anonymous Says:

    damn RN what took you so long to post this. awesome edit and amazing skating from the ssm crew. the song just completes this as one of the coolest edits ive seen in a while.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    lol ! song never finished
    good spot ;)

  7. Dis Dick Says:

    Great edit, loved the vibe. The skates are still pieces of shit though.

  8. seanpquinn Says:



  9. JAB Says:

    thank you! THAT WAS GREAT!

  10. song is Says:

    Granicus – Prayer for anyone that was wondering

  11. Anonymous Says:

    good skating, too bad they look like bums. and wear bum skates

  12. Anonymous Says:

    where the hell was that ditch spot!!??

  13. Witalis Made in Poland Says:

    I had to switch off the screaming music….but the rest was superb

  14. a Says:

    old news but yah one of my fav edits from 2012 !!! Those Spanish boyz be rippin yo !

  15. Walter Sanchez Says:

    Well I’m on drugs and that song went fucken perfect!

  16. Adrian Scoseria Says:

    ^^^ hahahaha word! That was sick!

  17. Tom Cheung Says:

    I stayed for the skating, left because of the song.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    that was great that concrete half pipe is so legit

  19. Anonymous Says:

    so much hammmmmmm

  20. Anonymous Says:

    yo whats the song name

  21. DAFICK Says:

    granicus – prayer

  22. DAFICK Says:

    but according to some of these guys it sucks, so dont worry about it

  23. soul2roll Says:

    Sick edit! Skating and song was ace!

  24. heardat bitch Says:

    sooooooo siiiiiiiiiiiick

  25. Colon Kelso Says:

    Loved the song!

  26. Anonymous Says:

    worst song ever holy crap