Skate Club 109 by David Sizemore

Skate Club 109 by David Sizemore

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  • Dan-Man

    dear gawwwd almighty

  • Anonymous

    That was fun. It was just for fun. Please don’t start with any hate. Homies just having fun blading their house. the have a club, no big deal. Just enjoy that they enjoy blading like everyone else that rolls. more just letting everyone doe what they want to do with their lives. good stuff. I enjoy the funny IG vids they post. Keep it up bdst. Later

  • Anonymous

    I truly hope they made this for bladers only, if anyone outside of the rollerblading industry were to see this they would understand why rollerblading doesn’t have any mainstream media coverage. This doesn’t show any reason to why outside companies to invest.

    Its one thing to make “fun” video edits amongst friends and another to have it showcased as what our sport is doing.

    That being said D.Sizemore’s last edit was amazing!

  • Anonymous

    yeah 4 reel bl8ders only cuz this shit so gay. people havin fun is so gay. media coverenge omg they aint investin cuz we havin fun. u stpid rollers it’s 1 thin u kn0 1 thing

  • Anonymous

    skating a tv? people should definitely take u seriously. tv skating is the most serious skating. higher than aggressive inline a step below freestyle rolling

  • jorge

    this shit was so fresh, I wish I could sesh my house/front yard like that, seems so chill

  • jorge

    I wish I still had my old tv in my closet, I never thought I could sesh it lol

  • Anonymous

    I actually really enjoyed this and thought it was creative and fun !

    I hope Broskow and Kelso figured out their drama… It was kind of sad to hear that those 2 guys have such a great history and live together but don’t skate together because of some drama.

    P.S. 666 Series TOMORROW ! ! ! !


    Haha that was pretty tight.

  • Peril Pincher

    Sean and Browskow made up then?

  • Anonymous

    Where did you hear about Kelso and Broskow having drama?

  • Anonymous

    Ok that was seriously cool. The TV part was lame, but the rest of the edit took me back to my childhood, so real nostalgic. It’s great to see people skating whatever they can just because they want and love to skate.

  • Trollernews

    I Think you guys dont know who are the real blacks dragons

  • Anonymous
  • BallsDeep

    Sean Darst is the only decent skater out of all of them.

  • Anonymous

    This was so so cool! Thanks guys for the great work

  • billy nyc

    yeqh thqt zqs fucking cool

  • Bladerrr



  • Nick Shand aka big pappa Kane

    I need to jock harder, where can I get some v13z?

  • Anonymous

    Black Dragons we coming for you… You know who are ! PURPLE SNAILZZZ essay reprezent foo!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Dr greenthumb

    This is sweet this is blading kelso makio to fish was as usually an other level manouver!

  • Anonymous

    From what I heard Broskow still won’t talk or skate with Kelso, but he only did for this one edit cause sizemore was in town to shoot. Listen to the podcast on mushroom blading about kelso and broskow drama. It’s something bout how kelso made $20grand off KCMO and didnt pay out his riders fairly. UH OH!!

  • blä

    fun edit, but tribal logos are NOT cool

  • car

    people complaining about rollerblading being “gay” and companies not investing and all that pathetic bullshit should just stop skating. get the fuck out, really. why do you even skate? all the time thinking about not looking gay and what others thing and big companies… what a stupid sad life.

  • Anonymous

    To the 2nd poster who thinks this stops outside companies from investing or placing skating on TV, clearly you don’t watch any other ‘action sports’ and have altogether forgotten about Jackass. Go kill yourself.

  • Anonymous

    Hilarious that Kelso didn’t pay his riders fairly after all the drama he caused at USD.

  • ram

    “would you like it if I skate on your property?”

  • Kaspa

    If I was their neighbours I’d be going sick about the noise

  • Anonymous

    Valo sucks a massive dick. They define the term gay.

  • Anonymous

    I hate rollerbladers. We are gay. There is nothing to compare how much you guys complain too; “My little sister” complains less than rollerbladers

  • 150000$


  • fuckhead

    man hopefully this link works…its the only response that best fits this trash…

  • SteeZ

    BLACK DRAGON SKATE TEAM!! Haha Get to know!

    That shit looked fun haha.

  • Kaspa

    Get to know what? a bunch of washed up wankers that are ruining rollerblading by promoting incredibly shit skating, I can imagine it was a joke in the beginning but it’s wearing thin now, it’s about as funny as Adam Johnson and that nigga is about as funny as aids

  • Anonymous

    ^^^ All in one sentence.

  • dooshofabag

    they must have not had enough money to go buy more rub bricks to prep another 6″ tall 3ft long ledge in the area and had to resort to this shit for the day.

  • EPTX

    Fuckin Proper!!

  • Anonymous

    If you fags want hammer blading go check out Joey Chase new 666 Section ! ! ! ! !

    This is just for fun : )



    IT’S LIKE 4 AM.


  • Jon Bryant

    I’ll watch anything with David Sizemore or Sean Kelso in it. Very creative.

  • Anonymous

    ok, first of i can do all those tricks nd im not sponsored. i mean the true makio on the tv was scarrrrry. omg. give me a pro boot. if it were me i’d be in the streets like damn who da boi!? i liked it, the balls are tight, i feel good watchin. man these dudes shred. i can’t believe dave doesnt have a pro boot yet, i mean you see them clips in the edit. he out shines everyone. and the hunch back swaggers in full clip mode, ole. wow the excitement is raving with bash glitter. get to it ppl. see the other thing tht was fresh n new? you better have. damn open your eyes ppl, don’t get lest behind you iphone4 clones, one up the world. be the greatest. my eyes never hurt. be aware demons everywhere, no coke with balls. b carfull