Shima Skate Manufacturing: We Bleed Black (2015)

SSM: We Bleed Black (2015) Montage

Featuring Joey Chase, Marc Moreno, Matty Schrock, Brian Weis, Adria Saa, Leon Humphries, Miguel Ramos, Jeremy Spira, Wild Bill AKA David Andrews and Chris Dafick.

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  • Trollolololernews Troll

    Great ! Think Valo has the best team… but SSM has the best shredders if that makes sense…

    1) Valo
    2) SSM
    3) USD
    4) Seba
    5) Remz
    6) Razors
    7) Xsjado
    8) RB

    Shredders List

    1) SSM
    2) Remz
    3) Xsjado
    4) Razors/USD/Valo