Shima Skate Manufacturing: The Bloodline

Shima Skate Manufacturing: The Bloodline

First blood: Joey Chase, John Bolino, Billy O’Neill, Brian Shima, Marc Moreno. Second blood:Matty Schrock, Dave lang, Adria Saa, Remy Meister. Prospect: Brian Weis, Gene Stagall, Sean Salazar, Paco Ray.

Promo Edit: Vimeo Link.

Shima Skate Manufacturing: The Bloodline Skates

The Bloodline Skates, Promo Picture.

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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous Says:
    November 25th, 2012 at 2:44 pm
    i feel like when new skates come out they should make a promo video for that skate..

    make 5 specific sized pairs of the red things and give them to your best team mates. tell them to film for as long as it takes you to start first production to shio THEN release a promo edit to get kids hyped on the skate your selling… i dont need to see dave lang in dave langs … it makes me want to buy dave langs… not red things (though i would never buy SSM’s but just saying.

    X 1.000.000 !


  • Nimh fan


  • Anonymous

    I want these skates. My SSM are ill. I love the feel of them (admittedly, I downsized a shell, and sliced it up a bit) they’re the best skates I’ve owned, and it’s exciting to have 3 new models out in a year. Who cars if they’re the same boot mould. it’s a great mould, and always has been. Having 3 models/coulours/skins/whatever out means skateparks and edits aren’t boring, with every having the same blades on, you don’t have to roll the same boots as your mates. This is good. Keep it up. As for the edit, it probably woul hve made more sense to have the rollers in these boots. It wouldn’t have taken much money or effort to even give the team the skin to fit on their existing skates.

    Just my thoughts.