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Dear Bladers –

A lot of you have been wondering what I’ve been doing lately, and I apologize for being incommunicado. As most of you know, we decided to close down Trendkiller at the beginning of the year. It was a mutual decision, but as with any break-up, things haven’t been easy. In recent months, I’ve been busy moving from place to place and looking for a new way to pay for my life. Needless to say, it’s been a tad hectic.

Even though Mindgame and Trendkiller will cease to exist, I am still functioning as the creative director for Xsjado. So contrary to popular belief, I haven’t left rollerblading. In fact, I am really excited about the opportunity to concentrate on Xsjado, as I feel the product can contribute greatly to the industry’s growth. You may have heard that we added Damien Wilson to the pro team recently an addition we are really excited about. We are also working on a new line, featuring a new Basic Complete and Chris Farmer Boot. The new products should be in stores some time in August.

My new full-time gig is as marketing director for WebRidesTV . WebRides is an auto-enthusiast site that features original video pieces from profiles to car shows to shop tours. My big project has been to build and promote our new web community: The GaragesĀ. It is sort of a Myspace meets CarDomain meets PhotoBucket:

Since my priority here is to generate traffic for the site and increase our userbase, I would appreciate it if all of my car enthusiast friends went on and built a Garage (check out the videos while you are there too). If you’re not an enthusiast, maybe you could pass the link on to someone who you think would enjoy the site. I’d really REALLY appreciate it.

Besides that, hit me up with anything except skates. You have to talk to Mark at Integrated about that (sorry, Mark). My new email address is . The unlearningĀ address will be shut off in the next month or so.

I hope you’re all well. Take care.

Shane Coburn
Marketing Director

8500 Steller Dr. Building 7
Culver City, CA 90232

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  • tom bartley

    hahaha was that just pretty much a plug for webriderstv…… hahaha…. cars are so lame.

  • tom bartley

    webridestv sorry…. shows how much i care.

  • KJ

    I havent been wondering where you have been. why include this on rollernews!!!!!

  • Ogre_King

    You see people. While creative directors for brands like Element, Adio and Baker are scratching their balls while listening to the new Linkin Park album, people like Shane Coburn have to get a day job to make ends meet. And to think a lot of guys hated Dipskate for promoting the sport. Shame on you people……shame on you.

  • gumby

    well ‘KJ’, did it ever occur to you that some people did want to know that?

  • Old and Bitter

    “I havent been wondering where you have been. why include this on rollernews!!!!!”

    Because you’re a grom who doesn’t know shit ?

  • tom bartley

    your all gay anyway.

  • kizza

    It’s a slow controlled growth

  • oldman

    Nice to hear xsjado is going to do some improvements! Good luck with your new job!

    And to the groms, come on do some bladinghistoryresearch before talking!

  • andreas542

    Ah man I can’t believe mindgame have gone, they were my favourite clothing company and have just been around ever since I started skating.

    Im really looking forward to what xsjado have to offer now, a new ‘boot’ mould maybe?

    Deffo need stronger cuffs lol

  • CScheben

    For all the kids who just bashed Shane I’m going to find you and shove explosives up your asses. You kids are fucking idiots and need to quit rollerblading ASAP.

  • dill higgins

    that first ad for mindgame in ‘ameteur’ rules

  • paul

    I’m glad he’s still the creative director behind Xsjado – the brand would have fallen to pieces otherwise. No one else should or could be at the helm.

    Can’t wait for the new line up, it’s about time I upgraded:) I’m still on my Latimer 1’s.

  • Scott_Nairn

    i personally wish that shane had dropped xsjado and focussed on mindgame haha. but yeah i’m happy to hear he is still focussing on at least xsjado, and that things are slowly picking up.

    maybe mindgame will come back into production when dipskate makes us all millionaires from the exposure and music links XD.

  • Diego

    very nice heard something about xsjado!!

  • seba

    man trendkiller gone , mindgame gone , that’s fucked up it’s a sad era in rollerblading , great companies are down … I mean mindgame , that was something else it was more than just a company

  • shimmy

    yeah, I hope Shane keeps control over the image and concept of Xsjado.
    Who did the ad designs for xsjado?? because the new Damien AD isn’t feelin’ it.

  • dka

    WORD UP ogre king !!! brands owners like ZERO`s and other skateboard shit are full of money but a creative person like Coburn must look for job…

  • skobberhouse

    shane, too bad your skate design sucks ass. the mook concept was good, but you don’t know shit about physics or engineering. loser.

  • portas

    so in short u are not having as much to do with rollernlading now there is no money in it. U were only ever in vg 3 and yet u have more respect than people like Brian Bell ever did.
    Now u come on here and expect us to support ur new job? Do me a favour mate. Why dont u support my job? All u ever did was make money out of rollerblading and we are supposed to feel sorry for u.

  • Roussel

    man grow up guys. shane coburn is one of the few people in the industry that keep pushing the sport and keeping it alive. he has to get another job to make ends meet and your are judging him for that

    “making money off rollerblading” news flash for you guys NO ONE MAKES MONEY OFF OF ROLLERBLADING BECAUSE THERE IS NOT ENOUGH MONEY TO GO AROUND.

    what have you done lately to help the sport? how about instead of buying echo and LRG clothes you actually buy from companies like mindgame and ROLLING companies so they dont close down.

  • Roussel

    everyone is quick to talk shit about people who actually try to do something for our sport, they might not have engineering degrees but at least they are doing something

    what the hell have you guys done lately to help out the sport?

  • skobberhouse

    if youre gonna blame lrg and echo clothing, then you should full blown blame they actually sell that garbage over there. i hate aggressivemall. buncha arrogant faggots. as for shane coburn, i’d prefer to have someone who has legit engineering knowledge, rather than some poser who has “done alot for the sport” who doesnt even know how to make durable, basic frame that doesnt break. as for his wheel company, woop dee doop, who the fuck cares? cause anyone can just pay off some contractor/wheel maker to slap on some logo on some generically produced wheels and sell em. no surprise.

  • Roussel

    the difference with AM is that you are buying from a rollerblading store that pays riders, D-S also has some LRG and thats ok, but i always see kids going off to to SKATEBOARD shops because they want to buy billabong and circa clothes.

    do you think rolling companies have the money to pay an ENGINEER to make their shit? honestly

    how the hell is shane a poser, please explain, i think your more of a poser cuz you have no knowledge of what you are talking about.

    as for the frames, ALL FRAMES BREAK THEY ARE PLASTIC. its like skate decks, they all break and wear down. plus, 10% of all things manufactured have defects.

    MindGame was an iconic brand in rollerblading that has been supporting our sport and our pros for YEARS. i dont see you “slapping on a logo on wheels” its a lot more work then that.

  • portas

    no nothing about rollerblading? I can assure u roussel I know a lot more than u. Just cause we disagree doesn’t mean that i know nothing.
    I take ur point that mindgame did support some good riders over the years. However we dont owe these people a living, we would be in a lot better way if companies like nike backed rollerblading I promise u

  • ?

    mindgame was rollerblading now mindgame s gone so rollerblding is no more barely dead but really dead

  • landon

    damn how could you say shit like that . shane has done so much for rolling . damn i fucking grew up watching brain fear gone and words everyday as a kid . mindgame was one of the best companys . too bad . look forward to more xsjado products and hopefully a vid .

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  • W.N.H 2

    Well I’ve been hearing about this for about six months now, it feel that it’s very dissappointing that someone who’s worked so hard in the industry can’t recieve anything other than looking for another job. The thought of Shane Coburn having to work for a product that he most likely cares nothing about is disheartening. I hope that with The Conference’s help Shane can go back to what he’s good at and continue to further the growth of our industry towards the direction it needs to go. Mindgame and Trendkillers were great ideas and somewhat flourished throughout the community yet weren’t strong enough to continue in such a market that requires excellent marketing strategies and product placement. I’m sure his next venture will definitely endure the test of time with the information he’s learned by these last two companies.