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We were all sad to see Mindgame close last year. Was that something you had been thinking about for a while?

Mindgame was always meant to be a company that challenged the conventions of the industry.

I’ve always sought to make ‘core’ companies and products that didn’t have to answer to the mainstream, and I saw Mindgame as the greatest manifestation of that intention. But Mindgame became really popular, really quick. We turned a profit in our first year, and tripled in size our second. It was kind of a fortunate / unfortunate position to be put in.

We had the money to do the things we wanted, but somewhere, the message was getting lost. Soon, I started to see posts on the messageboards like ‘Why do they call themselves Trendkiller if all they do is make trends?’ Well, the truth is, we never ever intended to make anything in to a trend — we just liked putting ideas out there and seeing how people responded to them and made them their own. But people have a way of institutionalizing things. […]

What have you been up to since then?

I moved to LA last year and took a job as Marketing Director at an auto enthusiast site called WebRidesTV. It was a good move for me — I learned a lot about the power of the web, and was also able to get some talented rollerbladers paying gigs, including Connor O’Brien, Brandon Negrete, Cuauhtzin Guiterrez, Drew Bachrach, and Billy Kostka.

I left WebRides last October to take a position at as their Director of Project Development. quarterlife is a web show and a social networking site for creative people. I really love what I do, but we’ve had our ups and downs.

We made history by being the first internet series to be picked up by network TV, and then we made history by being one of the fastest cancellations in NBC history. After that, we had to make some cuts, and unfortunately, I had to layoff some of my friends friends I had actually brought on to the project. […]

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  • satan

    fuck off, the closed mindgame because kids in forums were talking shit? what a load of bollocks! haha

  • fapse

    the ben schwab section is killer !!!!

  • gooch

    umm.. they quit because what some kids said? all i read on the net is about how good mindgame are/were. “But people have a way of institutionalizing things”, i guess this is kinda true tho.

  • shamu

    “You could call it a cross between Myspace, YouTube, and DeviantArt.”


  • Jesus

    Every time he speaks, is to promote something!!!!!

  • nairn

    oh my god, how can any of you slate Shane Coburn, he’s done more for rollerblading than the majority of people in the industry, the only thing he needs to say is explain what happened with Latimer and Xsjado when powerslide bought them.

  • el nino

    Realy nice to see Shane

  • andreas542

    I think it’s great to hear what actually went on behind the mindgame thing, I was so sad to see it go, my favourite brand for sure. Good to hear that things are moving forward with Xsjado again.

    Shane seems like a really nice guy, I think he’s done a lot for rollerblading

  • Diego_cps

    its so nice see him…for sure!
    just sounds strange close a company because some kids…also i dont like the idea about everytime came into a interview showing his new job…looks like merchandise!

  • W.N.H.2

    Shane didn’t close mindgame cause of what some kid said.
    Think about it. Shane’s product were the only ones being sold on the black market in china. His are also the only ones that were being made against his wishes. Mindgame was a big name for videos and wheels yet more companies came along with big name riders as well. Xsjado came along and even though he sold out all his skates on pre-orders it still wasn’t enough to keep the company afloat. Xsjado was in need of major money, and mindgame as well. His company went broke due to expense. Like a lot of our companies. It’s just so sad that a company that acually produce good products had to quit cause our industry isn’t big enough right now to support our own people.

  • W.N.H.2

    He’s a promoter and more important a marketing director. That’s what we do. We promote whenever we have the chance. I agree with shane to let people know about what he’s doing and where he is. If you really want shane back then set up a paypal account for mindgame and make sure that there’s enough money in it to have him re-open the company and help it stay open for good. If not then, don’t complain that the man is simply trying to feed his family.

  • ninja9

    it seems he stopped the dang company because it was gradually going away from what Mindgame was about and he could no longer manage it and decided to create something new.