Sessions with Dominic Bruce by Jordan Williams

Couple Sessions with Dominic Bruce

Dominic Bruce came out to Los Angeles and I got the opportunity to shred with him. Good vibes, good dude, ripper.

Dominic Bruce: More Media.

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35 Responses to “Sessions with Dominic Bruce by Jordan Williams”

  1. Trev Says:

    Killed it. That was great man.

  2. BP Says:

    One or two decent tricks, the rest was garbage…. I hope this isn’t how the edits will be this week on rollernews! Because it’s not looking like a good week!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    D Bruce !!! SSM 666 series

  4. Ghost Says:

    thats cool, more kids should blade. I dont wanna see 13 year olds with no style though, doesnt motivate me

  5. Anonymous Says:

    My grandma taps better than this…

  6. LA Says:

    rollerblading is DEAD

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Dom, you face looks weirder as you get older, but nice skating.

  8. Japetto Says:

    That was sick! Hopefully this young buck grows into his feet, or he’s gonna be goofy forever

  9. fafs Says:


    dude is good, everyone who says otherwise doesn’t get “it”

  10. I hate the camera Says:

    I hate the camera

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Hey “i hate the camera” go have butt sex with Quark. He’ll enjoy your company. Good shit guys!

  12. joe Says:

    this is why I hate edits made with the old camera. Now the groms are doing it.

  13. chingchong Says:

    Nothing against This guy… but why he was on the be-mag cover? Why they film with this old shity camera? he skates good for his age and has a own style…. but this hype is realy too much! bemag was so cool and the shit years ago…now its a berlin hipster nepotism jobs for ever the same boys magazine ore what? This is no hate against bruce!! Just an opinion…

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Berlin is dead, believe me.

  15. sbask Says:

    good skater and that but be-mag cover? Sports gone downhill….was jon elliot on the cover of Be-Mag when I last seen it

  16. Anonymous Says:

    literally to much hype but i respect the dude for going with his style and not changing for any bawbag

  17. Anonymous Says:


  18. Kate Egan Says:

    Fucking ripper! I mean literally my clit is like a tunnel

  19. The real kate egan Says:

    You need to stop these comments it’s not funny and you need to grow up!

  20. The real kate egan Says:

    and if you have something to say to me inbox me on facebook
    you send nudes first then i will

  21. The real kate egan Says:

    Hope you have me on facebook to see that status ‘bmth’!

  22. The real kate egan Says:

    I know its you jack bassett, you stupid idiot

  23. Jack Bassett Says:

    I m so sorry kate i just wanna be cool


    hahahahhaa oooooo stewie lucas you are too funny #ssmfullripmyclit

  25. The real kate egan Says:

    Grow up, you low life nobhead!!!

  26. stewie Says:

    I just want you clit on my lips kate ……….. yummy yummy i want to cum on your tummy!

  27. The real kate egan Says:

    Jack stop putting other peoples names. Shitbag!!!

  28. Ste hunter Says:

    Stewie you ginger nobhead

  29. shitbrick Says:

    ste punter’s here now!

  30. Stewie lucas Says:

    Stop saying its me as i want to get on ssm. Help me out kate

  31. stewie lucas Says:

    i also have THE biggest feet going

  32. Stewie lucas Says:

    But surprisingly i hav a small willy

  33. The real stewie lucas Says:

    My feet are huge
    Im only slightly ginger

  34. Anonymous Says:

    that was trash.

  35. molly edwards Says:

    jack you smelly bastard, go get a shower you poor cunt. stop trying to skit everyone . go get a life