Sergio Garcia (Spain): Training for the Double Backflip in Woodward Beijing (China)

Landed at 3’25 (Via).

sergio garcia

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  • james bilbo

    cuanto hay ke pagar para entrar a ese parke???

  • GreKa

    Well, at least he did the double. Now he can work his style and slides.

  • olivier

    Bon, il fait des belles galipettes… il est au taquet sur la mini là ?

  • Anonymous

    “Well, at least he did the double. Now he can work his style and slides.”

    For Real!!!!!!

  • Luke

    What K2s are those? They seem to have a grey soul system?!

  • Grand8

    every time I see a woodward edit I ask myself if it’s possible that an amazing park like that is always empty….damn back in the days my local park here in italy had always 30-40 people skating… much is to enter woodward?

  • alex

    Tío, demasié… dónde le das a la vertical en Madrid?

  • Anonymous

    Woodward now in China= soon to come killers in action sports. Why here in the US the powers fight against the future so badly??


    That was about 3:29 seconds too long.

  • Cole Collins

    That was a pretty cool video. He could be a little better on his style for someone as good as he is.