Seba CJ Wellsmore Prototype

Seba CJ Wellsmore Prototype
Larger picture. Photos: Locoskates.

Seba CJ Wellsmore Prototype

Seba CJ Wellsmore Prototype
Larger Pictures (via).

Previously: Antony Pottier on Seba.

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56 Responses to “Seba CJ Wellsmore Prototype”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Carbon X Adapt. You will not do 360 topsoul or mega switch up if you buy them.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    looks nice but like a carbon or adapt how you say it. Good quality?

  3. fuk USD Says:

  4. Travis Stewart Says:

    They look pretty sweet. Having that Fitness skate background, i bet they will fit nice too. Strange if they are carbon based boots. Another company jumping the carbon train.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    if they feel like salomons, i will buy. if they feel like carbons, burn in hell.

  6. nigger joe Says:

    the carbon train left 10 years ago with hockey skates and fitness skates and other mainstream rollerblade companies that actually have money to invest in design and development

  7. damn Says:

    looking pretty fuggin sweet!

  8. Big foot Says:

    Hope they come in men’s sizes….. 14?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I will welcome seba with open arms if they come along and produce a genuinely comfy skate.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    If they manage to produce a comfy skate I really think that will set them apart in an industry plagued by uncomfortable cheap tacky liners. Looking forward to em……

  11. bout time Says:

    thank you!!! bout time we see something. they look pretty sweet. reminds me of a carbon like k2 or something. hope they make half sizes cuz that would be awsome. would really like a skate in 71/2. def going to cop a pair when they finally release. mega man skates!!!

  12. anom Says:

    They should make half sizes..they do with all there other skates..Looking sick!

  13. Mitch Says:

    Nice! Seba, you guys need a cooler looking logo, that thing is dated.

  14. PictureMeSmokin Says:

    Available at WalMart…at least the look

  15. Philip Courter Says:

    So this is what it comes to huh?…. everybodies just gonna come out with their own version of a usd carbon rip off?

  16. Weasel Says:

    Sick carbon 3’s

  17. oli tea Says:

    skate porn! good work seba. agreed a touch of USD in there but that ain’t a problem. cool colour palette, nice soulplate, great cuff/liner height. back of the shell looks a little overworked and standard problem of too many bloody logos.
    overall looks solid hopefully as good as salomons. can’t wait to see how they roll as thats all that matters. slaptap

  18. Anonymous Says:

    they wont be cheap………. seba are jews

  19. Murmansk Says:

    The middle right picture looks great.

  20. Clynt Says:

    Does anyone know if the liners are interchangeable? I want to try these but I’m loving my Trust liners and won’t ride a skate that I can’t use them in.

  21. jerk Says:

    coming to a kmart near you,crap

  22. Dis Dick Says:

    Them shits is UGLY.

  23. Pimp Playa Hustla Mane Says:


  24. joe black Says:

    lol. what are those things? gross.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    fuck yes release date you have my money frame looks shit though

  26. Anonymous Says:

    yea the skate looks shit too i’ll still buy but tone down all those graphics shit loks like a trapper keeper

  27. Anonymous Says:

    o u fancy huh


  28. Anonymous Says:

    carbon fatty

  29. Anonymous Says:

    @fukusd’s – IF you’re gonna make a blading meme atleast make a good one

  30. Tap curbing Says:

    Contrast stitching is very great look for European drop kink skater. We love Payless shoes in Bulvmania, I think this is great style, not like American tap curb skates.

  31. Blader Gangkadangggg Says:

    The carbon 5s look great, it’s good to see cj welsmore on usd

  32. Anonymous Says:

    People complaining about USD ripping off Nike, but now SEBa and Adapt ripp off Usd hahahaba that proves USD is on top of their game. Good for CJ he deserves the best but these look like a USD carbon retarded brother. All SEBa skates fit terrible, i am wondering if they improved
    that for their street skate

  33. Anonymous Says:

    well this is awkward

  34. funny shit Says:

    Best of luck I’m told I can’t say much. CJ, you’re a heck of a skater. You deserved the best of respect and luck in this industry. I’m sure they’ll treat you better than andy or Kato could financially. and you should’ve been had your own pro skate. Their lose is seba’s gain

  35. Australia Says:

    It’s amazing how off a few photos that most of you commenting can be so quick to judge these skates negatively already!

    Have you all tried them or something? Because they haven’e been released yet have they?

    If not, shut the fuck up! You’re all a bunch of fucking idiots who like to whinge more than anything else. I haven’t heard this much complaining since i heard a skateboarder sook about me waxing the coping. Maybe the complainers in here should go hang out with them and talk about the grips on their fucking skateboards.

    Congratulations CJ and Seba. I’m very happy to see more variety on the market and, I for one am very looking forward to trying these out.

  36. inVISIBLE Says:

    These will be a dream to skate.

  37. jdouggie Says:

    they look like a well designed skate in terms of functionality, some of the aesthetics could use some toning down in my opinion. too many logos/prints and contrasting stitching is tacky. but i bet they’re comfortable and i’d try em

  38. RichieRich from Utah Says:

    Yes! A new skate company in the game. I cant wait to see more color ways! Just watch this. its incredible:

  39. jonnyc Says:

    seba street frames?

  40. ah ah h Says:

    fitness skate + soul plate…

  41. owl Says:

    They were looking better with the scotch tape…

  42. Urbn^nja Says:

    pure sex! Awe… if i ever buy new skates these are high on my list :D

  43. Anonymous Says:

    Look a little clunky

  44. Anonymous Says:

    Je comprends mieux pourquoi ils mettaient du scotch…

  45. Anonymous Says:

    Seba made carbon rec skates before usd ever made the carbon 1 lol. Seba/adapt didn’t rip off usd, usd ripped off seba and other rec skates. Please, don’t be ignorant.

  46. Mike G Says:

    You know what? You are absolutely right. USD teleported to the future and saw Seba’s idea to create this skate….Idiot.

    However, there are only so many ways to design a skate.

  47. Vdirty Says:

    Well done Cj! I have been saving up for these bad boys!

  48. Anonymous Says:

    i have owned sebas before and still blade a 2012 model a shit ton and they are they best blades i ever put on my feet. they have money to fix issues that ppl have and make them as comfortable, light and fit as possible.. experimental money is really important.. molds in the aggressive world have not changed since 2001.

  49. Anonymous Says:

    Well done getting a pro model and no doubt they will look after you that depending on this skate selling well and I don’t see it just based on design.only my opinion of course,really good seeing other company’s starting up or getting involved.soes anyone know if there is a way of checking sales for the rollerblading industry?obviosly our industry not fitness hockey ect

  50. Anonymous Says:

    They do look like the carbon but the cuff seems to be higher which is a really good thing as it is too low on the carbons

  51. Anonymous Says:

    Unless we have evolved I don’t think people’s feet have changed since 2001 either you bell end

  52. Dagi Says:

    The cuff looks higher than the carbons or adapts. They may provide some support . Having a weak ankle that is why i dropped carbons and still using xsjado…

  53. Generalskij Says:

    think it looks sick, could buy

  54. Rob Says:

    Better save your money for Nils Jansons pro skate!!!

  55. Anonymous Says:

    congrats on the pro skate CJ!!!!!! freakin legend!

  56. Anonymous Says:

    that toe protector looks gay