Sean Kelso: Originals – Section (2011)

Sean Kelso, Create Originals Pro Rider. Filmed primarily in Boston, Philadelphia and Kansas City Missouri. Nov 2011 Repost.

sean kelso

Music: Unkle – Natural Selection (featuring The Black Angels).

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  • Rob Dobbie

    That last spot was like a human chesse grater.


  • EP

    The main problem is that Sean can skate harder and I don’t talk about 2000, look at his profiles 2 or 3 years back e.g. Checkmate section, where he skates with unique style and doing big tricks. In The Truth 1st he skates with the same unique style and doing more creative tricks than hammers and that’s ok, but wtf is he doing today, I hate that shit. With USD Classic Thrones his skating was much better and more intereseting than now with Carbons.

  • Rob

    How many of you are skating more than 10 years and pushing HARDER than you were when you skated like 5 or 6 years? None of you of course.. Include me please. You simply can not afford to break your body with stupid hammers when there will be only several people who will appreciate it. “Skate smarter” that means enjoy skating with tech tricks, good style and be individual, not killing yourself. Human body never gets younger. Let young guns do hammer skating to prove themselves, not PRO’s that have proven it for many years.

    All the tricks in this edit were tech and with individual approach. I liked it the same when many years ago were watching him doing hammers in different videos!

  • http://x.x~ x.x

    fuck yeah! pumped!

  • blablabla

    i need more action for me its boring this video…its like pussy its normal the people dont like rollerblades

  • Spen

    I liked it, very interesting reading the comments. I like to rollerblade, that is all.

  • Sound

    Why does difficulty have to associated with size? The majority of that shit nobody could do, it’s just too damn hard.

    Remember kids being a pro rollerblader is not like being a pro skateboarder, most of these guys do it because they love it not to get a pay cheque at the end of the month. Saying that, I guarantee if there was 100k at stake SK would murder any of you pussys on any death drop triple kink mega rail you liked!!!

    Oh and I’m not saying pro skateboarders don’t love what they do but if anyone thinks that a fat pay cheque wouldn’t give them even a little bit of motivation to risk their health on something big then I think they need to get real.

  • badazz

    jizz blown on the wall and now is dry.

  • Scott Wilcoxson

    Very enjoyable to watch! Made me want to go rollerblade Sean, thanks!
    I thought there was a good mix of knar and chill, clearly alot of love

  • Drop rails aren’t hard

    wah wah wah were not in the X Games wah wah wah, were not in the X Games


  • Bravo

    It all comes down to the fact that SK IS PRO & YOUR NOT hahahahahahaha

    Funny cause USD thinks he’s a great pro and its their opinion that matters not yours. Don’t try to say you as a consumer run USD hahahaha

  • Terror is straight retarded

    The fact that Sean can skate parking lot bumps is WHY HES A PRO you dumbass. If you don’t understand this simple analogy then you are proving your opinion is invalid.

  • new order

    terror is right.

    if SK battled you on stair rail, he will probably win.
    if SK battled you on a handi cap , he will probably win.
    if SK battled you on a parking bump, he will also win,

    Thats why he is PRO you all are not.

  • dyed red deshis

    if SK battled you on dick sucking, he will definitely win!

  • Nazi Low Riders

    White POWER! White POWER! White POWER!

  • Anonymous

    who cares about the X-games, it’s shit anyway.
    Edit was amazing.

  • Will Lerroy

    I love the tricks!!…….But It made me wanna quit skating. too boring. I couldn’t feel the Vibe!!!!!!!………………

  • Anonymous

    richie esler’s barca edit was top notch even though it was’nt all banger tricks, this edit was’nt even close to that level, it was ok edit, not hating much but the guy that said blading is going backward is prob right, the best WOW edits were made years ago, all the pro’s are taking it easy nowadays, once they become pro most stop pushing apart from a small number like haffey aragon and couple others, cudot and cj are probably not being freindly with the right people to become pro, sad state of things thats the best talent gets overlooked for average bladers that have the right friends

  • Anonymous

    ^ more complaining about people who don’t care

  • yess

    wow, all the hate! look, if rollerblading would be all bangers and no creativity it would get waaay boring, i’ve seen enough films to know that there is propably no way we are going to see bigger bangers then we have allready seen. just look at the gap Haffey is doing in Drip Drop! you just can’t go bigger than that.

    so i’m really glad we have creative and tech skaters like Sean, Farmer, Broskow and so on…! and remember that they have don’t their share of huge gaps and grinds!;)

  • Johnny Fae Glesga

    I once showed my dad a video of sean and he was like “lyrical”. Thats exactly what it is, Only people who actually understand what skating is can see that Mr Kelso is extremely lyrical and his skating uncovers areas of rollerblading few other skaters have taken it. Example (his signature inspin makio to back torque 360 out .) so smoothly, and its such a hard trick i think for any skater.

  • 70Sav

    Here’s the run-down. I been blading since Hoax 2, since I was 12 years old. Jumping off of tables, planters, grinding curbs, shit like that. Soon it was like 6 stair handrails, ledges, and then eventually real rails, kinkers, even fucking roof grinds. I’ve got my ass broke on some shit. Now I’m 28, with a mortgage, a family, and I mostly skate with other dudes in their 20’s with shit going on. We don’t go out to kill ourselves anymore. We might do some dumb-ass big shit on occasion, but its mostly steez, control, and tech shit on obstacles you wont break your leg in half on. Kelso runs a company, thats how he eats! thats how he helps rollerblading with products and sponsorships. The shit he does is hard as fuck and he puts out hella edits and isn’t destroying his body unnecessarily. Its maturity. Does it look like skateboarding? Yeah, and they’ve been “old men” ripping for years and thats why it looks like that. They’re respected in their sports and the youngsters bust the hitters. I miss the old days too, but Kelso has paid dues and kills shit. Make a drop-rail roof gap edit if you want to. We need that shit too. Balance.

  • Anonymous

    that edit was pure shit. it’s a shame watching these guys deteriorate.

    to those thinking rollerblading isn’t dying, you have your heads in the sand. France is the only place it is growing. and they’re not tapping curbs.

    when rollerbladers start going smaller than skateboarders, there is no reason to rollerblade.

  • What?

    ^ ^ ^ “lyrical”? what was your dad smoking or does he just have tourettes? nothing lyrical about kicking cerbs and toe rolls!

  • Anonymous

    this type of skating appeals to those who can’t, or are afraid, to do big tricks. it’s not really aggressive skating, more like figure skating.

    Real pros like Haffey, Aragon and CJ continue to push themselves to do bigger and bigger tricks, while guys like this take the easy way out and tap curbs. Rollerblading needs these skaters to survive, but the sport needs more skaters with balls if it ever expects to grow again.

  • dyed red deshis


  • Terror

    So disappoint. No huge drop rails, death spikes, mega jumps, full pipes, doublecork flips, or avalanches. This edit is the exact reason why we are not in the X Games.

  • Will Lerroy

    I don’t care about the tricks, I love the tricks he dose,….IS THE VIBE!!!…….The song Sucks!!!!!!!!………….We need the old Sean Cool Kelso back….This is depressing….(Fishguy edit made me wanna skate)

  • Robert Washington

    I can understand you not liking this edit/skating style, but to say it’s easy/a cop out of doing big shit is idiotic. I don’t think the trolls realize that if you look closely almost 2/3 or so of the tricks he did were illusion spins… Besides not all skaters need to skate huge shit. Our industry needs diversity in it’s pro’s. People with their own personality and style both which Mr. Sk have whether you like it or not. To think that the only way to push our sport forward is to do bigger shit is very narrow minded. We have so many different skating pushing rollerblading in every aspect from tech to hammers. To all that understand this, please ignore the trolls. Responding to their ridiculous comments only gives them validity and feeds the fire. If they don’t get it, flaming/insulting the blind won’t help them to see. Anyone with any rollerblading knowledge knows Sean has payed his dues. He has put his body in harms way doing hammers for years and continues to do so whether the trolls realize it or not. Awesome edit my dude I have looked up to your skating for so long.

  • gotta love

    the haters prt 2. dam 70Sav Says: laced it for me! i feel you dawg

  • @terror

    my name is Adam, im challenging u to a game of skate. I wanna see what kind of skills you got to back up your bold statements.

  • sk8 4 life

    “new order Says:
    November 15th, 2011 at 4:58 pm
    terror is right.

    if SK battled you on stair rail, he will probably win.
    if SK battled you on a handi cap , he will probably win.
    if SK battled you on a parking bump, he will also win,

    Thats why he is PRO you all are not.”

    well said

  • doesnt matter

    Yup Says:

    November 14th, 2011 at 6:38 pm
    ^ totally brah, I agree work sucks, i’m bored also… rant rant rant

    OK i bet this alex broskow…let me just say enjoy life 10 years from now u dumb fuck.

    PAY SOME DUES! Says:
    November 14th, 2011 at 8:00 pm
    First of all, the last thing this sport needs is to phase out its older pros and make room for the new 16yr old wonder kid who hasnt paid any dues. Thats whats wrong with this industry in the first place. Youre all children with no respect for anyone, not even your own roots and thats why noone will take this game serious. We need 35 year old pros breaking jaws and killing it in the streets. THATS what this industry needs. Not some puberty stricken teenager who lives in his parents house crying about his mom not washing his new skinny jeans. Grow the fuck up already! All of you.

    aren’t most pro’s living in their parents house or worst they’re sponsors house???? regardless i think the whole skate industry is ran wrong but think its best you keep the few pros pro and stop ruining peoples lives.. let the now pros phase out and be poor.. and rollerblading can die and i can skate more spots without getting kicked out.. i know selfish but i dont give fuck bc you’re all retards.

  • Murda

    Sk is one of the most illest skaters in the industry. Respect him.

  • dyed red deshis

    Murda! whats up my nigger!

  • dyed red deshis

    Murda! Use correct grammar you ghetto baby, its “Illest” skaters in the industry”, if you add “most” it makes the sentence an adverb which renders your statement incorrect grammar. hahahah #BOOM step your grammar game up son.

  • Truth

    I think its great to get creative. But honestly its boring to watch. And the whole shoulder drop thing looks ridiculous considering the tricks going down. Do you think you every say Haffey, Aragon, Shima, Latimer, Feinburg doing that shit? And do you think there is one trick in there that Farmer couldnt do better?

  • Anonymous

    Why does this man have to be like Haffey, Aragon, Shima, Latimer, and Feingburg?

  • Anonymous

    Kelso !!! Come back to blading and save us !!!

  • phil

    This wax a boring ass edit. Nothing he did impressed me… sure hes good, but hes regressed… the sport as a whole has.

    RIP hammers and technicality

  • phil

    I take back what j said. He hasnt regressed… hes just chosen to take a different path that i dont agree with but hes paid his dues and owes us nothing… so he can go ahead and skate his way. Hes earned it

  • sucking skateboarders dick

    Every other action sport is going bigger. The ONLY people who care about this “technical” curb skating is the jockey skateboarding but I rollerblade:( crowd. Dude Parkour looks 10 times more impressive than this. That wasnt the case when Shima, Feinburg, Latimer, and Haffey were still leading. Mcleod has been in the game longer and he is fucking stonger than ever!


    So much tech in this edit it’s ridiculous.

  • chris haffey

    you roll away like such a faggot