Sean Kelso and Chris Farmer: Xsjado 2.0, Edit

Sean Kelso and Chris Farmer: Xsjado 2.0, Edit

A little insight as to what is going on in kcmo: Farm is my neighbor and our crew is getting deep.

We’ve become the central hub for blading in the United States, making it easier for us to join forces and be extremely productive.

This is a little piece Farm and I wanted to share for our boot sponsor, Xsjado.Sean Kelso.

Filmed by Sean Kelso, Chris Farmer, Alexander Broskow and Ivan Narez.

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84 Responses to “Sean Kelso and Chris Farmer: Xsjado 2.0, Edit”

  1. Bill Hedrick Says:

    entertaining blading right there.

  2. bagofballs Says:


  3. Swiss Says:

    Very ugly,!!! What the hell is happening to us?

  4. eenglish mager Says:

    @swiss shut. da. fuk. up….. nigger

  5. Anonymous Says:

    ^ idiot

    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  6. yrrrrrrrr Says:

    ohhhh shittttttttttttttttt ! control masters !

  7. dickrida Says:



  8. bbw Says:

    sean mothafuckin kelso, steezin on yalls bitch asses


    Dez niggas is so faa real. Dey dun got me all da way fucked up! Had me hittin dat rewind button mo den a coupla tymes.

    Dis dat nigga Tunechi Sambo signin off. Bout ta throw da dick in my baby mommas asshole right qwik. Be back in 5.

  10. eenglish mager Says:

    u is da nigga dat be bak in 5? I mutha fuckin been back errr 5. like checkin’ n shit. I hadn’t seen you in da past 5, yo.

  11. hahaha Says:

    Sean found smaller obstacles to skate than usually!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    last trick farmer did was too ugly. pros should not do ufos like that. especially that stiff.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Sean skating rails again.. farmer reinventing his blading style yet again. Still can’t believe most of those clips were 58 flat on youths. Kcmo flick is gonna be the besht. Kc has the best scene at the moment.. Lilly and santamaria are moving there next

  14. Remy Cadier Amsterdam Says:

    Yeeeaaaaahhhh SK!! Good use of Eazy E song= plus one thousand pat on the back. Yeah skating was on point too, ofcourse. Duh.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Didn’t like the edit but loved the tricks!! :)

  16. Anonymous Says:

    this was great.
    someone commented some time ago, that sean kelso would roll away like napoleon dynamite walks. this is true, but it´s also ok, cause he can!

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Farmers skating is getting really horrible, tappy, sloppy and predictable tricks, we all know he’s one of the best in the world but we sure don’t see it on film these days.

  18. damn Says:

    Old Sean Kelso was better !

  19. fuck it all Says:

    lame as fuck, fuck you all

  20. Scott Wilcoxson Says:

    What you idiots don’t realize is that Farmer was just fucking around on that last trick.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    i hate watching old guys skating little obstacles. they have no balls and are afraid to get their hair messed up. i’ve seen child skateboarders do bigger tricks.

  22. lol Says:

    its hard to believe xjasdo pays these clowns money for skating that shit. 2-stair tippity tap rails. come on now.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    dudes seem to take themselves so seriously. Go watch Curriculum Vitae and try to have fun for once in your lives. Skating should be fun, and so should the lifestyle!!

  24. Anonymous Says:

    ^or at least smile.

  25. santa Says:

    So are negative top tricks the new thing ? My god! I can even negative soul :(

  26. maeki Says:

    Hey haters, try this zero top neg mistrial outspin on your mum’s wheelchair and let’s see who can use his feet after this.

  27. Pinguim Inline Says:

    I would like to see everybody who are talking shit here, make a video

    all of you don’t pass of internet skaters
    fuck you

  28. Anonymous Says:

    that was so so so wonderful.

  29. AnthonyMedina Says:

    I’m surrounded by fucking retards.

  30. Anonymous Says:

    you have to realize that they are CHOOSING to not do topsouls on wall drop rails like all you weirdos keep wanting to see year after year after year. you ppl are fucking NUTS. they are filming for videos year around. they don t film onliners like you babys. they film real videos that you shitty dorks talking shit will spend money on in a few months. go stand in the snow. and eat boogers

  31. not a hater Says:

    kewl to see sen kelso, doing aggro neg grinds

    clearly this was a mellow edit to promote 2.0 sales

    I hope xsjado video comes through with hard mind-blowing tricks….

    because if it doesn’t :/

  32. eeeehhh Says:

    is farmer wearing thongs?

  33. Anonymous Says:

    kelso doesnt fit with my idea of xsjado, but fuck it, shredding all round

  34. Anonymous Says:

    SK and CF: Stop pretending you’re skateboarders!

  35. Anonymous Says:

    these guys blow moose dick. grow some balls and stop skating in thongs.


    Thank you for helping our sales! Kids watch you two douchebags and decide to skateboard instead of rollerblade. We appreciate you getting us business.

  37. Anonymous Says:

    bunch of stupid fuckin idiots on this site. This edit was amazing. free at that. fuckin tards. they are pro. get a job and quit thinking they don’t deserve. you’ll never be nothing, so hating is way to make your pathetic selves feel better. haha they could care less what you pussies have to say. at the end of the day they get paid to do what they love. eat a dick and get a fuckin clue you pussy shit talkers

  38. Tap Curbing Says:

    “why not does pros do sidewalks anymore? sidewalk on kink drop rail is my number one favorite move of rollerbooting. bring back drop kink and sidewalk. this is real hardcore skating in rest of world. America only tap curbing. Move to France and do pancake flip to handstand, this is extreme. try skateboard for tap curbing, rollers only backflip and do drop rail mega kink.

    your stylish, pefected control is too good, please go back and try farside mizou on million stair. This is future”

    fucking pathetic children. you wouldnt know sick skating if it toe rolled you in your tiny dicks. fuck rollernews. fuck you newjack, hating ass, trolling little turds. this is the only place you have a voice…enjoy it.

  39. Anonymous Says:

    I understand how technically difficult some of this shit is, but both of them have definitely regressed. Farmer just isn’t going to transcend any of his old Mindgame sections. Even his style is sketchier now, and it’s not just about the way he dresses. That last trick was sick, but it looked hideous.

  40. Anonymous Says:

    These guys are so kewl!!! I just started rollerskating, has anyone heard of Taig Khris? He is AMAZING! Paul Mitchell ftw!

  41. Anonymous Says:

    Paul Mitchell is way rad. But i LOVE to drink Yoo-hoo and wear levis L2 boot cut carpenter pantz!!

  42. Anonymous Says:

    he retired the waiter arms for the bent neck


    always sick skating

    even when farmer doesnt like a trick he did its cool

  43. Oldskoolfool Says:

    Bunch of fuking assholes on this shitty website.

  44. Yi Yiiiiiiiiiiii Says:

    True top negatives are no joke, and I think doing those on a short rail and legitimately spinning out is super technical and dangerous. I am not into “tech” skating, but, fuck, give credit where it’s due. Or, instead, just keep railroading the same ignorant point over and over again.

  45. Russ Says:

    I wished SK skated bigger rails then 6 stairs I mean sick techy tricks but tiny obstacles

  46. Anonymous Says:

    how much longer will skate companies be fooled by these guys – they suck. start promoting some younger guys who have balls and do big tricks. these guys make skateboarders look big.

  47. Anonymous Says:

    these 2 guys are almost as good as this kid…this kid does bigger tricks and has better style though

  48. Bean Says:

    AnthonyMedina, hahaha I was thinking the same thing reading through these comments.

  49. Anonymous Says:

    fast. it’s fast
    fuck hell. control
    beyond. demands
    play. it’s not easy
    pro. pro-promo

  50. Kaspa Says:

    wow, I thought it was pretty amazing…

    everyone has to understand that these guys have been rolling for years, they’ve done the huge gaps they’ve done every spin into grinds down a huge drop rails, there’s only so much of that you can do in your rollerblading career… From their perspective I can see why they’ve decided to skate smaller stuff… 1) because their getting older and now rollerblading is a profession and in order to earn money they can’t be injured (when your younger you seem to have a more ‘fuck it’ attitude) 2) rollerbladings changed and it’s focussing more on technical ability and tricks on impossible obsticals…. etc

    These guys deserve more respect in my opinion….

  51. Anonymous Says:

    kelso used to jock Murda’s dick now its Farmers. guy is a fraud.

  52. Anonymous Says:

    I like to put down what I could never do.

  53. Anonymous Says:

    Chris Farmer just SWITCH TRUE SOUL’D a curve down ledge! How has no one realized that?

    I don’t think any of these kids actually watched this edit. They just typed out what they wish they saw. They don’t want to come to the reality that it’s not 2001 anymore.

  54. Anonymous Says:

    wat kelso is da one who talk shit about blading and quit blading and den came back ?

  55. Anonymous Says:

    these guys need to start scootering. what a bad edit. too trendy for my likings. sean kelso needs to stop sucking farmer so hard and farmer needs to stop looking like a metrosexual pirate
    – Joshua Scott Christian from Indiana

  56. Tap Curbing Says:

    Remember when we talked about pants and hair. I miss pants. Tap curbing is future though. Bring back the old school hate. Pants! Pants! Tap curbing is boring hate. I hate pants again.

  57. Anonymous Says:

    “wat kelso is da one who talk shit about blading and quit blading and den came back ?”

    That’s Colin

  58. Martin Krutina Says:

    Farmer’s outspin soul revert to fakie roll on ledge next to rail was PERFECT

  59. Anonymous Says:

    that was dope ass high class blading, nothing more, nothing less.

    thats the way things are developing – leave 180* death drops to 15 year olds….

  60. DK Says:

    it’s a free edit, like it or leave it, and I like it…. they don’t owe nobody nothing…

  61. Anonymous Says:

    They do bigger rails in the up comming flick. Saw a pic of one of the rails that farm does .. kinked death rail… Sean laces one. Crazy kinker too.

  62. 2R Says:

    “I don’t think any of these kids actually watched this edit. They just typed out what they wish they saw. They don’t want to come to the reality that it’s not 2001 anymore.”

    for real. far to many fools using this website.

    edit was sick, some of that skating was ridiculous. too sick.

  63. Scott Wilcoxson Says:

    Reality. None of you on this board can do what Farmer has done or is doing now, ever. You can troll all you want, still wont change the fact that Farmer is better than your favorite bladder.

  64. The future Says:

  65. DADCHUK Says:






  66. SteeZ Says:

    Ill Skating!!. Farmer should wear boxers though haha. Much more comfy Im sure.

  67. Aaron Says:

    i wanted most of you kids on here to know that i (some one in this planet) absolutely hates you. and its not easy for me to do that. but if i was around you. i would be able to tell that i would never talk to you. and you would act totally different in real life then here. another thing, if you were randomly at any of these spots. skating with either of these guys. your balls would be exploding all over the grass by farmers tails laying on the ground because you know what these older guys have done for this industry that you are STILL putting your pay checks into. again, i genuinely hate you kids.

  68. Anonymous Says:

    I love how all of you bandwagon-ass-motherfuckers think you’re so evolved because you like this style of blading. Like all of the old school cats just couldn’t possibly understand because they’re all stubborn OGs. This shit is just getting stupid.

  69. Anonymous Says:

    no wonder rollerblading is dying in the U.S. these guys go smaller than a young skateboarder

  70. Anonymous Says:

    I mean, it’s like none of you dumb fucks have ever skated a dink rail before. Skate a rail like the one Kelso skates at the end of his edit for more than an hour, and I guarantee you, you’ll be trying fucking hurricane fastslides on that shit. What do you really have to worry about when you’re only grinding on the fucking thing for two seconds?

  71. Anonymous Says:

    I personally think it’s very inspirational that a gay couple would put out an edit together in this day and age. Obviously they don’t care what you think and are just going to continue to do their thing.

    Fuck the haters!

  72. Mj dudley Says:

    I bet farmer will silence you all with his xsjado video section

  73. Anonymous Says:

    Amazing skating…

    of all the thousands of views this edit will get by people that appreciate and and love what these guys are doing there has to be a handful of IDIOTS that post mindless negative comments here on this piece of shit website.

    Seems that rollernews has become a breeding ground for hate towards some of the best (FREE) rollerblading we should be grateful for.

  74. ASA Says:

    Hi I’m from the Aggressive Skaters Association and I’d like to get these guys involved with my video. Does anyone have Sean’s number? Thanks

  75. Anonymous Says:

    -> facebook

    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  76. Anonymous Says:

    i posted above about farmers last trick looking sketchy.
    anyone who thinks i am spewing hate can suck it! farmer has been my favorite blader since the salomon days.
    i am not saying shit about sean, because this is the kind of skating i always expect from sean, but farmer is getting sloppy.
    i noticed it in alot of his pariah profile and its here too.

  77. Anonymous Says:

    wow, sad to see these clowns deteriorate

  78. Mr.S Says:

    That’s a pretty kool and enjoyable edit in my opinion!!!!!!!!!!! Props!!


    ayo ma nigguh toochi, how was yo baby moma butthole the otha night? she was probably loos as a motha fucka right? cuz i was allllll upppppppp innnnnnnn datttttt shiiieeetttttt the night befo. check the pics on my istagram real talk no homo.

    sshe be buzzin my phone up now so toochi sambo killuh signing off to plug that butthole again be back in 45 or so mins!

  80. Barbara (used to be a man) Smith Says:

    i plugged tunchi in da but


    shaddup before i plug youre butt too

  82. bigdickben Says:


    (your dik is too sh0rt please try by but hole again)

  83. Chris Pullers Says:

    Nice to see Farmer isn’t dressing AS fruity as before… really not a good look, always ruined what is incredible skating coz he looked like such a goose.

  84. kboos Says:

    Fuck, this edit was killer !!!