Sean Darst: Valo Profile by Vince Zywczak

Shot and Edited by Vince Zywczak.

sean darst

Photo: Fruitboot | Angelo Margentina.

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19 Responses to “Sean Darst: Valo Profile by Vince Zywczak”

  1. a;skdjfa;sldkjfa;s Says:

    I am looking forward to seeing more from this guy.

  2. harry k Says:

    sweet chi town skate scene

  3. Justin Case Says:

    Darst murders everything… I hope he does big things.

  4. ffffff Says:

    Amazing. Modern rollerblading at its best

  5. firth Says:

    my new hero. so refreshing, creative aswell as crazy tricks. really looking forward to more from him too. pretty sure that’ll keep me happy for a few viewings yet! :) sick as fuuuuke

  6. ReferentDoWrong Says:

    really nice to watch..sickkk skating dudeee!

  7. rollnj24 Says:

    so fucking sick. best profile ive seen in a looooong time
    and you cant go wrong with animal collective

  8. Alex Scott Says:

    So sick! Makes it look easy. Great edit.

  9. kevin yee Says:

    god damn, good shit!!!!

  10. carpee Says:

    i have a crush on sean darst

  11. Juan Mosqueda Says:

    great edit and blading!!!

  12. Salt Says:

    seans such a great guy, super chill, and super steezy.
    deffinitly and amazing skater.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Whats the song name?

  14. James Mac Says:

    Sick style, sick skating, sick edit! Didn’t really see why the last trick was played three times though? Didn’t look as good as some of the other tricks in the edit.

  15. rob Says:

    just so fresh and clean,

    so fresh and so clean clean

  16. rollnj24 Says:

    song is in the flowers – animal collective

  17. Derek Smith Says:

    Completely agree, I was waiting for a better hammer, but the whole edit was sick as hell, including that trick, I just expected an insane rail or something. Awesome skating Sean. Look forward to more.

  18. jake Wiens Says:

    Wear a fucking helmet before all thats left of you in this video online.

  19. palyaço Says:

    Journeying with Adam Kola they both filmed his first time out in South Cali, mid 2009.