Scratched a Scum Magazine Video (1997) by Jan Welch

Scratched a Scum Magazine Video (1998) by Jan Welch

Quoting Jan Welch:

This is one of the first video’s I ever made. It was filmed in 97/98 mainly in Austin and some in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio. Profiles on John Farmer, Lonnie Gallegos & Frank Stoner.

Featuring Jason Howard, Frank Stoner, Cory Nelson, TIm Water, Eric Shrijn, Dain Waters, Champion Baumstimler, Jon Julio, Randy Spizer, Aaron Feinberg, Shawn Robertson, John Farmer, Lonnie Gallegos, Robert Guerrero, Chris Fleener, Dion Anthony, Jon Ortiz, Shayne Skowers, Jimmy Hopkins, Matt Hermaneck & more.

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  • ermahgerd

    well jason howard hasn’t changed much

  • AnthonyMedina

    ^ If you mean he’s been killing shit forever…definitely.

  • Anonymous

    makes you realise how far skating (and videos, editing etc) have come!