Sayer Danforth 2012 Reel

Featuring a clip of Chris Haffey (0:55).

Sayer Danforth 2012 Reel featuring Chris Haffey

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  • Al@n

    Fucking Awesome! Not only Chris Haffey but the whole video…, I wish…I can be like Sayer Danforth…

  • Zack D

    Tight. Anyone’s got the track name please ?

  • tyegofbraska

    nice, showed to one of my friends thats into quads he was feeling it.

  • Brandin Hunter

    Lana Del Rey – Blue jeans but I’m still looking for who did the Dubstep remix

  • Brandin Hunter
  • William Wrenn

    Every time anything is posted about this dude the only thing I can think of his section from the Heat Team Video.

  • D

    Dubstep – Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans (PatrickReza Remix)

  • Anonymous

    honestly…. i couldn’t stop watching it

  • j glow

    see. this is why rollerblading is the greatest thing on the planet! we all might not blade forever but look what it creates? a world full of bad asses that excel and take over whatever industry they choice to be a part of…. mad respect!

  • Jilla

    Big in the game


    Amazing showreel!

  • Anonymous

    ok the edit should be good or fun. but why post it on rollernews ? i didnt know than it was a bikesite.

  • Anonymous

    You’ll have quite the reel there if you just cut about 2 minutes out. The same clients drag on and on. You do work for Kawasaki. We get it. This was established in the first 30 seconds. Move on to something else or end it. Reels should be about 1 minute or 90 seconds, the last thing you want is for a potential client to start looking at how much of the video is left and decide whether or not to sit through it.

    Greatl stuff. Even though you’re in love with it, it needs to be streamlined.

    Just some friendly advice

  • “shiftyroyalenowthatsahardtrick”

    that was silly, i enjoyed it

  • Kelvin

    so goooooooooooood!