Salomon Street Team Video (2003?) by Beau Cottington

Salomon Street Team Video by Beau Cottington

Quoting Beau Cottington:

Salomon Team video I did in 2003 I think (?) It was used in a media kit separated into sections and never released in entirety. I produced the whole soundtrack myself which was a first for me.

Features Brandon Campbell, Rob Thompson, Billy Prislin, Brian Hamm, Chance Dustan, Jimmy Shuda, and others. This video is not the finished version, my master tapes are lost and this is from a tape Billy Prislin had stored away.

In this version Vinny Minton had not turned in his footage yet, but he has a section in the finished video. Also I had only done color correction on a few select clips, so this is like a 3/4 draft version.

Hopefully I will find the original master tape with the complete video soon. Big thanks to Billy Prislin for digging up the tape out of his archive for me. Thumbnail shot is B.Cam with an impossible 360 over a tall fence in Santa Barbara, CA.

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16 Responses to “Salomon Street Team Video (2003?) by Beau Cottington”

  1. RyanCza Says:

    Damn! Some killer Prislin clips in there. I hope you find the complete edit, dude. This was like a real slick trailer for it.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    oh my fucking gawd! YES!

  3. Marv Says:

    I love Rob Thompson!
    That rail tech session of him was sick.
    I miss the old times.

  4. Swiss style Says:

    Salomon forever!!!

  5. shinpoop Says:

    I think I saw an ad for this on the Daily Bread’s no one’s children video back in le day

  6. Anonymous Says:

    This > Anything done today…

    roller digression FTL

  7. Jesse Duval Says:

    yeah i totally remember the trailer for this, in a video probably no ones children and being pumped on it. i’m glad you were able to find it. hopefully you find the complete version.

  8. Terror Says:

    Damn that was sick, especially Brandon Campbell. Fucken rollerblading has regressed so much when it comes to gaps and tricks on big shits.

  9. WeeeeOutHeaaaaaaaaaa Says:

    Interesting music, I gotta watch this high

    The tricks are way sicker than the tricks today

  10. 313 Says:

    Beau is the shit !
    Music selection is fucking exquisite !
    And it made me rediscovered Brandon Campbell ! Thug !!!

  11. Trill Bill Says:

    I’m not gunna lie I used to rep Salomon all day. Shoes and all. The skate that made skating feel great. The first skate that let me drop a decent sized 540 without feeling the drop.

    Most of you guys must have missed the progression in John Bolino, and AB.

    They both were skating back then. And both got much better.

  12. Trill Bill Says:

    Victor Arias is an OG Salomon skater, and his smoothness on the switchups was unheard of back then. Skating has progressed quite a bit. You are just jocking mainstream blading.

    And as much as I hate to admit it, Brian Aragon is progression. I love this era, and video, but don’t think tricks and perspectives haven’t changed a bit.

  13. Marselis Says:

    They had a super sick team. Almost as good as USD. Almost!!!!!

  14. honestly... Says:

    guys, guys, settle down. this was not the peak of rollerblading, this was the end of an era, the grinds were top level, but this is still the era of SLOOOOOOOOOOOOWLY skate up to the rail and grind it. Back then it was almost as if there was no point to even having wheels aside from rolling away from tricks. sure the grinds were huge, but they may as well have been doing them in shoes. today we have a nice integration of rolling and grinding. LET’S NEVER GO BACK!!!

  15. love it Says:

    felt the same vibes of razor video “Closer” that was bad ass

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Hey tirll bill you are a retard. And you don’t know shit if you “hate” to admit brian aragon is progression when you consider crap washed up bladers like AB and Bolino as progression when they are the clearly example of regression in the sport you retard. Tapping some lil curbs and 4 stair rails is far from progression, if you look at the spots this guys are hitting 10 years ago compare to what AB, kelson and bambrick have done for the last 5 years is a complete joke.