RVB Skatepark: Episode II (2015)

RVB Skatepark: Episode II (2015)

This spot has been smashed again by those fellow skaters: Guillaume Debuf, Mathieu Allart, Jeremy Kesler, Martin Gade, Anthony Aymard, Thomas Dalbis, JB Grammagnac, Pierre Bonnel, Chris Pullar, Richie Eisler, Dustin Werbeski and the coach Fredje Vanovertveldt ;)

Filmed & edited by Tony Martins. Additional angles by Yohan Ayllon. Music: Skread – Raelsan Instrumental.

Previously: RVB: The Secret Spot (2014). Here is the story of friends who decided on a new year’s evening to build their own skating spot in their backyard. They spent their saturdays for a year working, here is the result.

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