Russell Day: Adapt Edit by Max Manning

Russell Day has been skating for us since last summer and we finally got the chance to meet him in real life at the Bittercold Showdown.

Russell Day

He is a great guy, and we are happy to have him on board. Welcome to the team, Russell!Adapt.


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  • troll king

    well would you look at that? he’s starting to look like an actual guy

  • Anonymous

    there were some pretty hard tricks in there. good to see him coming up

  • icey

    fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk yah ! Best skates on the market right now !

  • dats one coooo ass section

    coooo ass tricks

  • Anonymous

    “if you dont got fast, it doesnt look good” (Aragon) … the edit is excellent, though

  • Freds

    no style, his arsm are everywhere, ugly skates, too.

  • Anonymous

    lol first comments are adapt handmade

    dont try to rig comments u loosers :)

  • BenShelbourne – real

    Dont want to be a bitch but fucking hell america.

    The size of your country, of all the kids killlllling it right now you chose this guy?

    That full cab at 1:27 was appalling, literally anyone on rollernews could have done that and half the tricks in this edit.

    Style is just non exhistant, these skates look uglier than USD realms.

  • BenShelbourne – real

    Those white jeans and that deep V which nearly shows his balls are also reallly gay you know.

  • Hule

    until now, this was the best adapt edit! i really like it! sick skating!

  • Anonymous

    To BenShelbourne – I have to agree, American skaters suck ass. Little tricks, phony style, they look like skateboarders. Grow some balls America and someday you might catch up to the level of skating in Europe, Australia and Japan.

  • chris

    yea man everything is shite bs

  • filip

    he wears vans. must be cool. i wonder what long board he rides

  • Rolling Love

    dude! Eff yeah, you aint about that beach life! Get low, get ripped, get Russell Day, jeez dude has style like whoa and tricks like boom! Pulling!

  • Bone Thugs

    Too much hype for Russell. Kid is ok but not someone you want carrying your brand in the US market. That super deep v neck has got to be the lamest excuse for style. Dude needs a swift kick in the nuts for that one.

  • Anonymous

    I know Russell is a solid skater. But IMO the person behind the edit didn’t do him justice. You can tell they had solid filming equipment but all the gaps looked tiny & were framed weird. Need to understand rule of thirds and stop shooting from such high perspectives. Also this kid needs to skate faster.

  • Agreed

    I would agree with the last comment–the skating needed to be faster. Filming was mediocre at best. Not being a hardcore film critic here but from footage I’ve seen of this kid at comps, he rips pretty hard. This edit was nice but overall not what I expected to see. Trick selection was good but the slow skating and over exaggerated landings made it sort of humorous to watch. I feel I’m being a bit harsh here but kid certainly has potential. Anyway, best of luck with the next edit Russ. Keep shredding.

  • Anonymous

    I can smell him through my ipad.

  • Anonymous

    Is he serious ? Is it his real style ?


    Somebody show these kids some esco zoo videos. This guy is doing sloppy warm up tricks on spots that were murdered 10 years ago. What kind of mental case would want this chode representing their company. I would rather watch Mike Lilly do nothing than watch Russell Day do anything.

  • cock

    hahaha u haters are too funny, u write like it was wrong that he is gay… come ooon u are gays too so whats the deal

  • Doug Cupo

    Rollernews sucks… Russell kicks ass

  • BenShelbourne

    The wavy arm topsoul was pretty dope though.

  • buffalo bill

    russells super good but the fuck was this shit? Your supposed to shoot for all killer no filler… but almost all of those clips were come weak ass shots to take up time… filming was way generic too i might add, just cause you have a dolly and a tripod doesn’t mean you instantly know how to get the good angles… ffffreak that fisheye and get some better long shots ya chomo.

  • Anonymous

    sorry, but that blows a moose dick. not very good.

  • lil kids make me lol

    lol so many hater little kids on here !!!

    hate more you lil fags haha !

  • BenShelbourne

    If he is gay that makes this edit 100 times worse

  • rus gets all ya hoes

    Dunno where dat gay shit came from. Rus will steal ya bitch son!

  • Sean

    Always been one of my favorites skaters, He has a very unique style of skating.

  • Anonymous

    adapt likes to give skates to the wrong people.