Roman Abrate (France): Game Theory Section

roman abrate

Photo: Dominic Swagemakers.

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28 Responses to “Roman Abrate (France): Game Theory Section”

  1. emjay(GER) Says:

    yeah-he is one of my favourite skaters,but the music in this edit sucks from the first day…for example in his leftovers edit the music is so much better!

    keep it up roman!!!!

  2. pcooley Says:

    warner music group can suck it

  3. Anonymous Says:

    dire straits suck ????joke ????

    comment ta mis la dose à bercy , félicitation

  4. Shima Blows Says:

    Can’t watch it here in the US since it’s blocked by WMG

  5. finocchiaro anthony Says:

    c’est une honte !
    ce mec est vraiment degeulasse puis il parle come un mongolien.
    il devré arreté de sucé la bitte de aragon

  6. Anonymous Says:

    put up a vimeo sadilfjalsxgjasjgdadg

  7. Anonymous Says:

    style and inspiring cool !

  8. Dude. Says:

    Dire Straits – sick song, sick band. The skating was ok, kind of distracted from the music a little though.

  9. ufsThrone Says:

    rejected …………………

  10. Anonymous Says:

    get it unblocked please

  11. Millu Says:

    back to school asshole

  12. Anonymous Says:

    this was one of the best sections with one of the worst songs, only brazil can make shit of a really good clips like that

  13. Rab Says:

    i like the song

  14. Ben Says:

    I really don’t like the music either :( Really good skating though

  15. chris Says:

    its a good song but completely unconnected with the skating

  16. le crew c fini, d fdp tous Says:

    le son vs l aurez compris c a chier triple,! une orreur, meme bob dylan ca envoi le pathe a cote!
    seul et uique rider fr que ej respecte! tres propre tres style, pure niveau, le respect est c dur a avoir!

  17. part 2 Says:

    andy wegener is the biggest shittard evar!
    why the fuck did he kick erod and jbah for “leaking” parts of an onlineedit when he himself is throwing away gametheory for free?

  18. rob Says:

    the skating in this section is solid as fuck. he might be a mini aragon but he has got some serious style.

  19. Ferdinand Says:

    Impossible de dire qu’il n’est pas fort.
    Impossible de dire qu’il n’est pas dégueulasse.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Impossible n’est pas français,il es tvraiment fort,et vraiment degueulasse,dans l’attitude au minimum,ce qui se ressent sur son skating.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Roman is so good! And I met him at NYC Invite and he actually seemed really nice. I like that he is always pushing himself to learn new tricks!!

  22. emjay(GER) Says:

    its a good song but completely unconnected with the skating so is it chris

  23. Josh V. Says:

    one of mt fav skaters!

  24. Gabriel Says:

    très bonne section jai tout aimé!

  25. Anonymous Says:

    “why the fuck did he kick erod and jbah”

    Because they refer to themselves as “E-Rod & J-Bah”

  26. brian aragon sucks fat chub Says:

    spice boy twat

    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  27. freeflyer73 Says:

    pas mal le zero fish au biollay…ca devient le spot incontournable des edits francaise on dirait…moi je trouve que le son est bon mais avec ton style ca fait un peu nonchalant c est dommage..parce que le niveau est plus que bon t as tout dechire a bercy!!!!!

  28. fdh Says:

    ugh, a poor mans brian aragon with no steez.