Rollerdam Volume.2


Rollerdam and Yourworld present the second installment* in the Rollerdam rollerblading video series. Finest rollerblading from Holland and NYC.

A fresh look upon Rollerblading. with full profiles on: Max van Hooren, Martin van Drunen, Giorgio Oehlers.

Besides the three profiles there are other skaters featured from Holland, like Edwin Wieringh, Timmy van Rixtel and upcoming Pascal Tan. There are also quite some local NYC heads up in this; like John Stevens, Adonis Tayler, Mister ArtOfRolling himself and even Alex Nunez shows up to let us skate ‘his’ famous John Bowne handrails!

-Montage: Giorgio Oehlers
-Music: Giorgio Oehlers (Except outro song)
-Camera: by Martin van Drunen, Max van Hooren and Giorgio oehlers
-Additional filmers: Christen Cofer, Nabil Spencer, Cavin Brinkman
-Cover: Martin van Drunen

Download the Soundtrack on Megaupload.

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  • Victor

    this deserves a DVD. Well done

  • flauschi

    waht is the name of the song at 8:30 ?

  • art of rolling

    Amazing work from you guys out there i was very impressed in all aspects skating filming editing music etc, and it was great to see my son eating that kedema in the credits hahahaha

  • Giorgio

    I made all the music myself!!!
    The Link to the soundtrack is at the bottom

  • chris

    a realy good video!!!!!!
    martin has got the dopest steez!!!!!

    props to you giorgio!

  • Baas



  • mooo

    nice shit!

    nice beats georgio!
    u should take some jazz theory lessons and play ur own shit over ur beats or something that would b way wicked!:)

    anyway i enjoyed watching it all, nice way to put holland on the map like this!
    keep it up! :)


    Hell yeah this was pretty badass! Nice profiles from everyone. That last trick (back royale) on that huge ledge was unreal. Great beats Georgio, way better than some bullshit emo stuff or some weak ass underground hiphop shit. Very nice guys.

  • Will Cosgrove

    dam giorgio is my favorite blader in the world, made tha beats did tha editing and had tha harddest section, i culd tell u had to have other ppl film 4 u tho that sux

  • A-Styles

    looking forward for the next rollerdam video….love the video…and Editing…

  • resuk

    Loved watching that!

    Complete package: tricks, style, tunes, filming, editting and graphics.

    I want it on dvd.

  • Remy Cadier

    DOPE , thanks for posting it David!!

  • Rem

    Nice video ! What a pity that we don’t see more videos from nederland …