Rollerblade ATL Sessions by Lonnie Francisco

Rollerblade ATL Sessions by Lonnie Francisco

Featuring Robert Guerrero, David Sizemore, Sean Keane, Cody Porche and Ariel Surun.

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  • @jeff_stanger

    lonnie doesn’t make bad edits. everyone on the team is so impressive and fun to watch.

  • Al@n

    ^ True + Chill session ever….

  • Anonymous

    Damn David Sizemore makes Rollerblade skates look cool as
    but I know they suck:(

  • Jp

    Robert GuerrO MY GOD.

    David SizeMORE THAN YOU.

  • Anonymous

    what’s the sound

  • Nick Bentham

    Best team, rob g is my hero

  • Markus P.

    Give David a ProSkate !!! …. Shut up and take my Money ^^

  • Anonymous

    Top 5 right now Sizemore…

    Rob G still rippin… drop Trooper boot only to 150 n sold !

  • la grande famille du roller

    Really good edit ! It’s a real pleasure to see those guys skating !

  • Stephen

    Cody Porche skates faster into tech tricks then than anyone alive so sick.

  • boost

    those skates are mad pro boot !

  • Anonymous

    so ill there aint even any hate on rollernews

  • Hate

    Such sick skating. Great group of guys theyre all legit dudes.

    RB brand on the other hand though…. naaah, I wont even start the hate.

    Great job boys! Looks like you had a lot of fun out there.

  • OZ

    I was on my way of having a nice porn watching self pleasuring session, instead I am going blading just now. This was awesome!!! Most well rounded team for sur!!! Each of them has a least 2 or 3 jaw dropping clips. LG is a beast at editing also! And , I am getting blank frames right after I am done with my current featherlites… I’ve heard they are awesome

  • england

    the freshest team right now, coming correct with good products and a great team, come to england again soon.

  • Anonymous

    That was the best edit I’ve seen in a long time. The whole world needs to see that.

  • Slame

    Super sick edit guys.

  • J.Wilcox

    that was really enjoyable to watch while I’m at work

  • lf
  • Anonymous

    Favorite rollerblader ever…Sean Keane.

    Thanks rollerblade. This was great

  • kboos

    Anonymous you’re right, Sean Keane is sick as fuck skates like a ninja and is very unpreddictable he should get more exposure and bust out a section that will show how fucking sick he truly is. If you are reading this sean Keane get your fucking grove on you got fans out there !
    Also props to everyone, Rob G as got the control mode on, cody porsche really improve his style and full speed disaster true acid was sick as fuckkkkkkk. Obviously Sizemore is next level
    mad love to all of you for this free content

  • HellenKiller

    Wow for nearly 10 minutes I forgot about how awful and hideous RB skates are.

  • hi hater

    skates are so fuckin ugly, small obstacles, but otherwise was pretty tight!

  • Anonymous


    If skates:

    -fit you feet well, and there’s no heel lift
    -are comfortable and don’t give you hot spots or pain
    -are solid and don’t break like cheap Anarchys or similar
    -are made from good materials
    -have good soul space, and comes equipped with good stock frames (Blank ones for every Solo model in 2012)
    -skate really well and glide on ledges like butter

    Why looks are so important to you people? Why should anyone buy same old Cults under skin – SSM just because they look good over cheaper Troopers, if the second fits better? Why people cry after Salomons, and refuse to try Solos when both have similar shaped shell and fit?

    Never really understood this whole fashion thing in blading. Choose skates that suit your style best and are compatible with your feet anatomy. To hell with looks. Good looking skates won’t turn you in to a good blader. But I guess, there are more fashion elitist in blading than bladers. That’s why Imperials sold so poor for example. Some people complained that price is too high, but guess what? Conference took this shell, added external cuff, skinned it as Carbons – voila, Carbon Frees that are selling great. For higher price than Imperials. Meanwhile, Shima sells fiteen years old skates with minor upgrades (to be honest, only one is soulplate… cuff is worse, liners are worse, toe cut isn’t necessary for everyone, skates are heavier than Cults, and skins are purely for looks) for premium price and nobody complains these are too expensive, because Montre shreds them, and they look good on feet. What’s wrong with you people?

  • Money

    One of the best and arguably underrated teams in the industry. Sick as hell. Cody is absolutely outstanding.

  • Haters gonna hate



  • iicents

    ‘Oly sheet, that was good. I really dug the editing and the (sometimes drastic) changes between songs.

  • Anonymous

    looks like a bunch of buddies having fun

  • Dylan spit hot fire

    Could someone please post the song names?

  • Juan A.L.

    Nice edit Rollerblade, nice edit.

    Also, very cool riders.

  • Anonymous

    tom hyser is a fuckin homo, no support for that company.

  • real talk

    Tom Hyser is a father and husband who works his ass off to keep rollerblading alive. Technica doesnt have to produce street skates or give him a budget to make edits like this happen. What do you do for rollerblading that gives you a valid opinion? Please tell me that it is more than just sitting on your lazy ass clicking buttons on the internet…

    Get fucked.

  • smokey macpot

    that last sizemore clip was hella $$$

  • Anonymous

    Sean Keane is the FOR. They’re all really good though. Great edit. Really liking this team right now. I feel like they really represent where rollerblading is as a culture.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous Says:
    May 15th, 2012 at 11:42 pm

    If skates:

    -fit you feet well, and there’s no heel lift
    – . . . . wrong with you people?

    yes, I agree 100%, the only skates (I may well be wrong) that are exact sizing like RB are carbons and maybe valo lights both much more expensive. But to improve the aesthetics RB could easily sell some light no nonsense skins for $20 for those who want them, surprised this wasn’t done already.

  • dave

    people need to understand that weak tricks are not any less weak just because you do them on powerblades

    no joke

  • leon

    what’s the deal with powerblading? looks kinda gay

  • Name Not Required

    Sick Sick Sick

    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  • DK

    Sean Keane’s part was amazing!

  • Anonymous

    This is a team full of pussy fucking rollerbladers that are trying to make themselves look cool! Worst team in the industry but hay! That’s exactly what team rollerblade is going for. Full gay rollerbladers that can change the industry to good people. They have been running with it for decades! Just look back at the ads and why j bah got dropped! Do not support this move. I’m surprised they are allowed to grind the ledges in the first place!

  • Michael

    @Anon above

    Funny that you call guys who are one of most talented people in blading “pussies”.

    What’s wrong with RB running a team that isn’t composed of douchebags? They skate well. That should matter, not the fact they are straight-edge-ish in eyes of many. Imo swearing, acting gangsta, smoking weed and slapping hoes isn’t obligatory to be great blader. I could take ANY Team TRS edit and show it to about anyone, without worrying there will be some content that will create wrong image of rollerblading.


    Not about lifestyle of illiterate thugs, wanna-be rappers, drug dealers, pimps, and their hoes. Seriously, f*ck that. Such image isn’t representative for most of blading scene, and never was.

    Rollerblade is big company, part of Nordica group that create various sports equipment for different targets. Company that produce kids skates, one of best ski boots, have strong line of snowboards (Blizzard) and many more simply WON’T allow them selfs to have any stain on their image. That’s why you’ll never see any jackasses in RB team, ever.

    OH! And J Bah got dropped from Razors too, I guess he is too much of a douche even for “swaggiest” team out there…

  • Anonymous

    The worst part about your ignorant comments about swag and rappers and stuff, is that everyone knows who you’re talking about. It also shows that you’re a racist who stereotypes people.

    Just because you rap doesn’t mean you sling drugs. Just because you grew up in the street doesn’t make you an illiterate thug. Travel a bit white boy. Then maybe you’re point of view won’t be so dated. Get fucked.

  • Anonymous

    RB is that large, and still no budget for street skaters?

    Justify that idiot. They leech off our culture and give Nothing back. Nothing.