Rollerblade: 5 days in Barcelona by Greg Mirzoyan

April 2011 Repost.

Rollerblade 5 days in Barcelona by Greg Mirzoyan

Featuring Guillaume Le Gentil (AM), Jeremy Suarez (Flow), Timmy v. Rixtel (Flow) & more.

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  • huevos de diamante

    good styl and good music!

  • Click Matthias Ogger Clip Profile

    C’est Métan cette video !

  • Beastmaster

    WOW. That first guy is a killer.

  • Corsica

    GLG a tout cassé !

  • Steveig

    steez for days!…..

  • Amazing

    So fucking good, good editing, great skating, and they looked like they were having fun.

    Love this… Barca is killer, looking forward to being there again, and this edit has only made it more appealing!

    Some fresh spots also?!

    Nice one Rollerblade!

  • flet

    love it ! love it ! definately !


    Wow! The first guy is just like sagona! He has that same styling and way with the tricks. BCN is a great place to skate like these guys


    The black who skates with his top off has got a really nice muscular style and physique.

  • kboos

    le gentilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mooo

    has to be one of the best edits ive seen in a while! liked everything about it! :D


    I really enjoy his smooth skin tone, and love the the speed he skates at… He’s pretty hot :P x

  • Oscar

    Amazing skating! from all 3 bladers! this was fun to watch in it seem like it was even more fun to film. Great Work.

  • Anonymous

    haha…these guys just shit over CK’s Nimh section. Rollerblade ftw


    Yo, i didn’t write that last one – that’s some gay shit bro

  • Franco

    this is like watching a how-to-flick of how to make an AWEsome edit… Big ups to Rollerblade and everyone involved!!! wow, I enjoyed this one :)

  • guilleAFZ

    legentil fucking awesome style and technique

  • ?whaa?

    sick edit….but seriously..rollerblade fucked up big time dropping the whole uk team..
    and greg mirzoyan should be fairer at the exposure he gives to skaters when he makes edits.
    just sayin

  • Michael

    Some people will never learn. Rollerblade is back in the game, they make sick skates, have solid team, and Greg Mirzoyan – imo one of most talented rolling filmmakers out there – supports them. Deal with it.

    It’s funny how group of less known guys nailed almost every single spot we’ve seen in Powerhouse videos, and did it better than Powerslide (USD/Xsjado) team.

  • Abel

    Damn if that is true about the rollerblade UK team that is crazy. But this edit was amazing!!!…Great skating, great music and just a great vibe

  • Jezza


  • USD

    Realy nice Edit !

  • GL-Joe

    Making RBs look good, real good

  • gazmos

    Rollerblades skates are starting to look better. Don’t know if it’s the skates or Legentile’s steeziness that makes me think that but this is the first time I’ve considered skating their brand since they had replaceable skins.

  • Diaz

    Always exited to see anything coming from Legentil and Suarez is a beast, and that Rixtel is pretty good as well, plus the editing is just perfect, keep it up Guys !

    The only thing that bothers me is, what skate is Suarez rocking ? Are that Solos with carbon plates or what ? They look like carbons, wich would be a strange idea to put in a RB edit to be honest..


  • ?whaa?

    im not saying rollerblade isnt back in the game worldwide..

    they are sick..
    they dropped there whole uk team
    and since doing so there uk sales have dropped bigtime (i wonder why that is)

    as for greg…granted he is a really good videographer..
    but when the rollerblade world team goes on a tour , he releases a 7 and a half minute edit and the one skater who busted out for the whole tour only has three or four tricks in it it says something right?

    it says to me… your opinion on peoples style is irrelevant…because others have a different opinion to you.

  • germain

    guillaume legentil au top,que des tricks stylé tu peu pas test,du rève quoi ! et suarez avec ses 540 danger au dessus des barrières ,énorme ! filming et montage très pro… bravo !

  • Venom


  • carbon souls suarez

    Suarez is skating his rb’s with carbon souls, because his previous rb souls broke to fast so he took what he found in his house

    and for the edit, BIG BANGERS!!! RESPECT!!!

  • Technics

    That bowl Flatspin-transfer was insane!

  • Edd

    so good! take me back there :)

  • Bolton

    Guillaumeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! On top again, good game bro!

  • Anonymous

    540 over the rail and That savannah was pretty sick. and then Guillaume is so stylish

  • Johann

    if rollerblade started making again skates that look like aggressive skates or unless that don’t look like fitness skates , more people would buy, i remember i used to be proud of my rollerblade skates.

    now … i wouldn’t like to skate a pair of these new models, they look so fitness….

  • scooby

    Johann, present rollerblade shell it is remolded old tarmaca->dirk, daytona etc.->and present solo/fusion shell.
    Fitness rollerblade skate are semi soft, there are useing only in freeride and agro skates.
    Nobody had any problems when used agro boot to offroad skate (bigcat)
    roces m12/RB tarmaca in the begining was normal fitness skates boot.
    Now it is Valo and Nobody haven’t any problem with that.

  • Anonymous

    some one knows where the different spots of this edit are? I go to Barcelona next week for a rollerblading session and I really wanna find them!!! thanks a lot

  • Technics

    Hey Rollernews,
    Maby you should tag Jeremy Suarez in this Rollerblade edit cause his section was amazing!

  • koubis

    thanks technics, Jeremy got his own url now ;)

  • MANO


    nice intro …
    music from city of god the movie ,

    i made a edit with this song long time ago

    chek it ….

  • Technics


    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again

  • ninefourone

    sorry but if u tryed to use some spanish song in your edit i’m sorry but that one is brazilian, not spanish, very diferent languages . but congrats for the vid , very nice ;)

    and visit portugal , we have nice spots too and its close to spain!
    one love