Rollcam: Trailer


Starring: Joe Atkinson and Elliot Stevens ; Mini Views: Blake Bird, Keir Lindsay, Nick Lomax, Alex Burston and Andy Spary.

Featuring Billy Doyle, Dan Collins, Dylan Rooibokkie, James Bower, James Keyte, Joey Egan, John Hubbard, Leon Humphries, Martin Peel, Martin Weissenstein, Michael France, Michael McCann, Mike Welland, Neil Ingall, Pete Bexley, Phillip Ryan, Przemek Gorczyk, Russell Dineen, Sam Brookfield, Sim Warren, Simon Piper, Sunni Hodge and Tim Darker.


Song: Cults – Bad Things.

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18 Responses to “Rollcam: Trailer”

  1. Fréderik le pingouin manchot Says:

    Anyone who hates on this trailer sucks cocks, powerful blading from the top of the uk scene niggers.

  2. DarthRoller Says:

    Looks promising.

  3. cullen Says:

    yas lads!!! lookin well sweet!!!

  4. barrybackfarv Says:

    yeah so exited about this ,uk hammers!

  5. no mames Says:

    needs more spice

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Bad Things by Cults

  7. Anonymous Says:

    looks like a good one


    The editing is really bad, its like whoever just went on some random cut and paste in the time lines with their eyes closed. I quit watching and stopped in the middle because of that.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Was fairly average to be honest… Skating looks good but the filming and editing were just so bland…wjhere the fisheye at dog?

  10. Dude. Says:

    I think it will be good to see some exposure for the UK’s underrated talent. I think the Elliot section will be sick.

  11. tripod? Says:

    does this guy own anything but a tripod? must have parkinsons or something?

  12. gazmos Says:

    All I gotta say is…Booom!



  14. ra Says:

    britain’s got style!

  15. rob Says:

    sick sick sick. can’t wait.

    my comment is defo long enough, don’t even dare make me go back and try again and then try tellin’ me i’m uploading comments too fast you stupid retarded rollerblading website.

  16. iPog Says:

    UK’s finest right here! Gonna be sick.

  17. rob Says:

    who the fuck is jon self toby? hahahaha

  18. jon self Says:

    yep its me.

    it’s funny how people don’t realise that some angles are on a tripod because the guy who actually films this (Griff) is also skating too…quit bitchin’, get skating.