Roll to Zion 2016 (Ardeche, France): Edit & Results

Filmed & edited by Vincent Ravel & Yoan Bobillon.

Roll to Zion 2016 (Ardeche, France): Comp Edit

Roll to Zion, DIY contest (located in the town of Bourg Saint Andeol, Ardeche France) took place in an old abandoned water park with a dolphin shaped bowl and not less than 3 modules built for the event.

Music: Damian Marley – Road To Zion (Feat. Nas), Nas & Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley – Nah Mean.

Full Results

Curb Coping

  1. Sebastien Curtis
  2. Julien Joubert
  3. Emorej Ratpi

Rainbow Hip

  1. Po Rouge
  2. Arthur Antoinet
  3. Mael Franky Horjales
  4. Thomas Riffaud
  5. Julien Joubert
  6. Bob Lemarrant

Gros Rainbow

  1. Fred Francis Ford Back
  2. Bob Lemarrant
  3. Thomas Riffaud
  4. Po rouge
  5. Charly Renardeau

Kink Rail

  1. Arthur Antoinet
  2. Thomas Riffaud
  3. Clemounet
  4. Plura Alexandre

Crew Contest OUT

  • Team Shlague: Po Rouge, Lucas Spenle, Sylvain Humbert Labeaumaz
  • Fusion Montelimar/ Valence: Emorej Ratpi, Zing Ze, Mickael Barette, Long John, Laurent Grinder
  • Crew Roll to Zion: Nouch Ma, Arthur Antoinet
  • Crew Clic-n-roll: Bolton & chuck norris
  • Miaou mix: Fred Charly Arsene
  • Bonus spot: double rail line

    1. Thomas Riffaud
    2. Mael Franky Horjales
    3. Sebastien Curtis

    Best line

    1. Arthur Antoinet
    2. Po Rouge
    3. Mickael Barette
    4. Thomas Riffaud
    5. Charly Renardeau
    6. Laurent Grinder
    7. Lucas Spenle
    8. Casper Troy
    9. Guillaume toussaint
    10. Loic reboulet
    11. Emorej Ratpi
    12. Zing Ze

    Special price: Mael Franky Horjales for his huge transfers
    Best fall: Mael Franky Horjales
    Best Trick: Arthur Antoinet (Soul to bac savannah)
    Best Style: Bob Lemarrant
    Bests Rookie: PG Bouv & Yanis Trabelsi
    Best Daron: Po Rouge
    Best Deter: Julien Joubert
    Mr Propre: Thomas Riffaud

    Le king of Zion 2016 est Arthur Antoinet.

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