Roll In Clermont 2007: Thirdimpact Team edit

third impact - roll in clermont 2007

Roll In Clermont 2007: Thirdimpact Team edit.

Featuring Sylvain Rigaud (winner of the comp), Donovan Werner (double backflip), Alban Rousson & Vincent Romain.

Download: Roll_In_Clermont_2007_Thirdimpact_Team_edit.avi

third impact - roll in clermont 2007

Bonus: Snare, graff Session for Thirdimpact:


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  • soundlord

    Roll’ In Clermont #2008 : 14 & 15 Juin !!!

  • steven

    du made in France avec le vrai esprit urbain, tt ce que j’aime!

  • shot

    double backflip – musi ti jebat fajne

  • hadji

    OMFG that double back was fucking nice….first he launched him self in the air and then started the rotation…thats the shizz.Guess I should bring the triple back for the new Winterclash ;)

  • razorone

    doubleback maybe not… but other skaters (the long hair and guy with cap) really good style, props!

  • jo

    tricks were ok, that doublebackflip was sick, and the edit was very mad

  • Folken

    Worapoj est dans le team ?!

  • al

    yep, il est dans la team, mais n’etai pas présent à ce contest!

  • pete

    double backflip was nuts

    the guy with like dreds and baggy clothes with xsjados was ballin

  • W.N.H.2

    that double backflip was too sick. The skating itself was awesome. Looks like a great contest and can’t wait to get a chance to go.

  • Travis Stewart

    Double B. What! gnar’d. That park looks fun, and the skaters look really good.

  • Tyboh

    Long hair & baggy clothes: Sylvain Rigaud (remember the Razors box contest)

  • Urbn^nja

    OMG That Double Backflip reminds me of Jason Stinsmen. Shame he stopped rolling.

  • lud

    double backflip, c’est pas top quand même