Rodrigo Teixeira (Razors Portugal, 14): 2012 Edit

Rodrigo Teixeira (Razors Portugal)

Filmed by Martim B. Teixeira and Ricardo Lino.

Previously: Rodrigo Teixera (14, Portugal) – Razors Flow Edit.

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40 Responses to “Rodrigo Teixeira (Razors Portugal, 14): 2012 Edit”

  1. Fag Says:

    i don’t know, but, i rather watch a 35 years old guy who is doing souls and royales nicely, than a 14 years old kid who is doing 540 true top acids and 1080s with 0 style.

    anyway… yes, i know, i’m a fucking hater…blahblah

    this kid will be good!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Where is it filmed in what part of Portugal?

  3. ajossf Says:

    For 14 he is very very good.
    I even commented this video))

  4. oscar Says:

    very good skater , he should pay more attention to his style and less to the size of the spot !!

  5. ronin Says:

    !!! The long roll on the high wall what a pretty crazy trick :-O
    He reminds me of young Aaron Feinberg. He should ride Salomon skates ;-)

  6. Senate Says:

    la industria tiene q cuidar a esos patinadores con talento y jovenes cmo este!big up

  7. Anonymous Says:

    fuck, I’ve started skating 2 years before he was born, and he is better than me.

  8. coalmine Says:

    WTF? hand down best kid edit ive ever seen, big ass crusty ass spots, good trick selection, and decent style for handling that kind of shit it in a prepubescent muscle suit. my suggestion? dont kill yourself, perfect your shit, move to usa at 17. nice work bud

  9. Anonymous Says:

    disagree, learn the big tricks now and style will improve over time. the problem with style skaters is they never learn big tricks.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Fuckin sick for a 14 year old. gtfo with that style discussion thats smth you learn gettin older by yourself..
    btw: nice to see ricardo lino aint just ridin his bike all the time but still having some time for his old scene (;

  11. dbeer Says:

    haha damn, some nice hammers for 14. That tru makio on the out ledge was nailed and that first 180 was amazing

  12. Anonymous Says:

    14!!! 14 if this kid was in my local id just give up now tbh.

  13. Rabbitj johnosn Says:

    It’s filmed in Lisbon,Portugal

  14. coluntary confinement Says:

    kid is way too good for how comfortable he is on his skates. Defly looks terrified to go backwards hahaha but seriously mad skill for being terrified to have wheels under your feet.

  15. Zack D Says:

    Good skating. Now work on your style, your fakie skating, and try not to put your hand down everytime you land a gap and you’ll be great.

  16. you Says:

    “style will come over time”

    hahahaha, u fucking faggot. never ever.

    yo kido you should stop tryin to be a rare skater and to do ramped slow mos and shit.

    razors: dirty lenses, never using tripods, 0% style, 100% swag, 1000% gay.

    i’m not a hater, i’m just telling you what you should do.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    hey “you” someone should kick your teeth out you little bitch. where is your edit? the kid is 14 and killin it. I’m not a hater I’m just telling you that you’re a helmet.

  18. anthony rowe Says:

    That was raw! Loved it!

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Felt sick watching that crap style awful

  20. WHOREHEY Says:

    drink everytime he does any type of variation of a makio

  21. Leo Says:

    I don’t know how he did that rail standing up almost perfectly straight hahah! I’ve seen this a million times kids dropping hammers before they have a good grasp on the basics when you start doing big grinds your souls shoudnt look like that my advice work on your technique film lots and never stop rolling peace!

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Just fucking wow! The future!!!

  23. look Says:

    this guy will be a pro!fucking haternews!every fuck kid or looser old guy

  24. walter sanchez Says:

    Anonymous Says:
    November 9th, 2012 at 2:22 pm
    disagree, learn the big tricks now and style will improve over time. the problem with style skaters is they never learn big tricks.


  25. Anonymous Says:

    do you have to work on one thing at once?

    im sure he’s fine doing what he’s doing. he is on razors… must be doing something right. i hope everysingle one of us dies

  26. Haitian Magazine Says:

    hell yeah this kid is sick!

  27. pom Says:

    cool. regarding his style,its like he’s somehow learnt all these tricks too fast without consolidating them into his repetoire.

    …not that this is a bad thing, its the path of progress that we all follow(usually to a lesser extent) but its crazy how many tricks and how big a tricks he can do..well ahead of his time. madness! keep at it and this kid will really be something! thumbs up i say

  28. T B Says:


    Really good tricks for such young age. We shall see about the development in the future, also stylewise.

    Good to see young guys comin up like this.
    One word of caution though:
    Hopefully he’s humble and doesnt let his ego get in the way.. after all, he’s on Razors ;-)

    Keep up the good roll!

  29. T B Says:

    oh, just to keep ppl from misunderstanding: humble as in modest.. see haffey

  30. kmcgloughlin Says:


    that was sick at any age

  31. Ricardo Says:

    so much better than US Wake Shepman kid who is 16

  32. Anonymous Says:

    that was some OG makios!!

  33. 14 Says:

    Two years ago he was 14.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    sweety back backslide ftw

  35. Fearghal Says:

    Sick as fuck…

    Any1 else see that hammer waiting to happen at 0: 46? Gap to soul grind BOOOOM, do it kid!

  36. Anonymous Says:

    Kid has balls, but that’s the ugliest skating I’ve seen in a long time. I turned that off after the 4th or 5th trick because it just wasn’t doing it for me. If it’s going to be a Razors podcast, they should at least make sure the skating is decent. The kid has potential, but he’s not up to the level where he deserves to be showcased in an official podcast for a major skate company yet.

  37. flowskate Says:

    what are some of you idiots going on about??> the kid is 14? what do you expect him to have some sort of crazy sick style? Listen,,….Do you remember being 14? yeah you were no where near as good as this kid and i’m guessing your style was way worse too! This edit was sweet the future for sure

  38. dddddddafuq Says:

    Kid has balls, no doubt, but his style is HORRIBLE and AWFUL to watch honestly, and people who say his style will come have no fucking idea.
    I was 12 and doing hurri souls and not looking like i will break my leg any moment.
    Me at the same age as him

  39. Paul Says:

    Just think about how socially awkward you were when you were 14, now translate to skating style. He’ll develop a style for sure.

  40. fabio oxes Says:

    esse pivete vai se enforcar com essas roupas??
    ..brasil ah pivetes mais novos com bem mais estilo,e manobras abusadas….treine de verdade mano, e pare de se enforcar com essas roupas..oque esperar de portugal.