Rob Zbranek in Dag Days

Rob Zbranek

Quoting Anthony Medina:

This short promo features some footage from Rob Zbranek‘s section along with some unused clips. Additional footage by Greg King, Dominic & Damien Garcia. Dag Days is shipping anywhere in the world from my Big Cartel page.

Song: AmpLive – Chick Pop.

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9 Responses to “Rob Zbranek in Dag Days”

  1. Brad Osantoski Says:

    That was really fuckin sick! great blading, steeze, editing, and videography

  2. traducer Says:

    Badass man I need to get this video. SYF WHAT!

  3. DBird Says:

    That was savage blading with Rob Z. FUCK YA!!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    everything about this I loved. Rob I’ve never heard of you but I totally have a man crush on your top mistrials. Hard to find new videos using flexability instead of only power. So much steez, I have to watch again.

  5. Luke Says:

    This is quality blading. You can tell he´s been rolling for a long time just by the way he steezes out his tricks. There´s nothing fake about it. Awesome!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Dude is better everytime I see an edit of him.

  7. Zack D Says:

    Waow that was quite amazing.

  8. Anonymous Says:


  9. Adrian Scoseria Says:

    that got me so juiced!!!! fuck yeaH ROB!