Road to BFree: Pilot, featuring Brian Freeman, Chris Haffey & Billy O’Neill

Road to BFree

Road to BFree follows Brian Freeman and two of his best friends Chris Haffey and Billy O’Neill as they travel across the country looking for the most exciting things to do in each city.

For every adventure, they will have to find a complete stranger to accompany them.

Created by Daniel Kinney & Brian Freeman. Filmed by Ivan Narez, Greg Schlosser, Paul John & Kyle Guzman. Design: JC Rowe. Illustration: Paul Musselman.Visit

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  • Anonymous

    This is a cool concept, it gives blading a personality – shows that we aren’t all spotty face little virgin kids posting dumb bitchy comments on rollernews.

  • jdouggie

    im not really sure what to think. this seems like it could be played in elementary schools or on sesame street. hahaha. but i like the skating parts…

  • PictureMeSmokin

    im not even half way through and its too hard to take…for real?…reality TV…well they got theyre angle…’we tryin tricks…they gotta try shit too’

  • Anonymous

    I like the idea but it definitely needs the cheese factor turning down slightly – but hey, whatever helps promote rollerblading + the tricks were crazy good!

  • Anonymous

    Good video! i like it!

  • will bean

    dudes come get me i’ll jump out a plane wit you guys, or at least come through to indiana an wake this place up a little, get’n sad round hur.

  • Matt

    Whats the instrumental song with the piano around 8 minutes??

  • Anonymous

    Bangbus anyone???

  • bryan f

    Amazing concept keep working hard on this! This is awesome!!!

  • Anonymous

    they should have just fucked that broad instead of thinking she was going to jump out of a plane. Typical blonde, making a stupid decision like that. Why would you go with strangers. GOTO SCHOOL lol

  • Johnny Roboto

    no, you americans…., next thing will be, seeing them all getting pierced or another round for friendship tatoos

  • RichieRich from Utah

    The skating was incredible. Haffey is with Nitro circus, they will have fun stuff to do. Those shots from the contest were insane straight VG12 flashback for me. Bladers in the real street. No helmets just raw. loved it

  • Adam

    That was awesome!

  • Travis Rhodes

    Sorry about the ice homie. Good shit though!

  • Anonymous

    Im confused……….maybe skating should just remain completely underground forever. The concept could be done better, it just doesnt look natural and seems very corny.

  • old school

    pretty cool but honestly just a little too slow paced to keep my interest for too long…

    I’d watch only for the blading : )

    Also FUCK never knew so many skaters existed on earth let alone Chicago.

  • new order

    sick show, and positive vibe.

    feel bad for the girl who missed class and also didnt get to jump.

    I guess one of the three dudes made it up to her somehow….

  • Tom Cheung

    That was cool but if this is a pilot with the intention of getting picked up by someone (I don’t know if it is), then their budget really let them down. I would not consider karaoke with random strangers on a night out a big deal. But again I’m sure their budget does not allow for much else, I hope it does well though and I wanted to see more of that comp, it looked like a really good event.

  • Rob

    Kept my interest till the end! Really fun to watch something different than just skating all day long!

    Keep them coming B FREE. You’re the man!

  • sayy whaaat

    hmm billy back on the ufs thrones…….or is it just me hallucinating?

  • ^

    those wet valos yo. not usd

  • Anonymous

    damn that was super gay… didnt like it!!!

  • peter

    this is really cool! keep it up!:)

  • Anonymous

    way too much talking there were like 10 tricks on a 20 minutes video. retards

  • Anonymous

    ^ i dont think the focus is blading…

  • Anonymous

    is int that paul johns girlfriend ?

  • poopypants?

    ^^yes. and her friend.

  • Anthony Garcia

    let me just start by saying i couldn’t even watch 8 minutes of the whole pilot/episode before having to pause and comment….

    i think this is one of the best things I’ve ever seen come out of rollerblading! period.

    this shit right here, is what its all about! this is the type of thing that will get our sport out there!

    im so proud of and thankful to B.Free, D. Kinney, Haffey and Fish…
    thank you guys for living the dream and giving all of us “rollerbladers” something legit to be a part of.

    rollerblading was already the greatest thing for “us”, but now you guys are giving “them” (the rest of the world) a chance to know and be a part of it.

    keep up the great work. look forward to seeing you guys around! if you ever need any help with the project, don’t hesitate.


  • Howard da duk

    Interesting people do interesting things… Living vicariously through you!

  • Pedro

    Fucking sick broh! Keep it up! ;]

  • 10

    I’m the only roller for 100 miles in any direction. To see a bunch of rollers cruising through the city streets brings back memories. I used to live near Detroit and it was a tight-knit group. No planning necessary, just show up downtown at the spot and there’d always be 4+ people there. It was a good feeling, just getting from point A to point B with wheels under your feet and people you could relate to. But I moved to the desert and while I keep rolling, that energy isn’t there anymore.

  • feel moist


  • Anonymous

    they should do a real road fools kinda deal and get a bunch of bladers in a van, travel across the land and let them blade whatever, street, park, etc (not just park like in styd)

  • Anonymous

    I liked it, especially the skating
    the other shizz with talking to strangers is a good idea, but the things they did weren’t really ”crazy” or ”epic”, it was what I could do on a normal monday haha..

    Skating and ideas of this are sick!

  • Derek

    Blading NEEDS to be seen it NEEDS a voice if this is what it takes to see blading at the top again..B Free MORE power to you!