Riot Dvd: Trailer

Riot Dvd
Thanks Kenneth.

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  • Smashin Dumplins’

    I liked the first trailer much better!!

  • Knet2D

    Hey everybody!

    It’s not a new trailer really, it’s only a mini edit to advert the dvd is now on shops!

    You will find all the info in:

    Thanks Rollernews and everybody who supports RIOT!

  • wtf

    haha is the lack of style a engangement-criteria for conference riders??? seems so

  • you gotta be kiddin

    WWWOOOORRRDDD wtf… I don´t know what happened to rolling over the years… shit just looks horrible these days. no wonder why they call us fruitbooters or don´t respect us. rollers just look gay these days.

    Go watch elements 2 or amateur, or any joe navrans videos, go watch some old VGS. Than maybe youll learn how rolling is supposed to look.

    So trick level is up… SO FUCKING WHAT?? that is not making outsiders see us with a different mind or eye, to them its still fruitbooting.

    its all about making people that don´t skate respect us, or even get into rolling. Thats the name of the game.

    Chris edwards (do you even know who he is?) once said: ” we are not looking at the big picture, we keep concentrating a lot on ourselves, and not looking at the big picture, that is, trying to encourage new kids into rollerblading” Not to mention every fool that learns some final cut or after effects over the web, they think they are directors, and that they have what it takes to make a video. All you do is stick shots togheter over a song.

    There is no context, no storyline, no culture, its just tricks and music. “who the fuck is this guy to say this shit” I skate for 18 long years, been around since the first pair of rollerblades came out. I used to ice skate… and Ive been working with motion design and computer graphics for 6 years. I know what im talking about.

    Dave paine used to make us proud to roll, any VG reported what was truly going on the scene. not to mention his post-production work was sooo professional.

    Rollers had a different mind back then, they were about the lifestyle, the difference that it makes to be a roller. NOT competition.

    These days I feel like Im part of football or soccer or some “regular shit” because rollers even got this ideia of “looking normal” and being “athletes”. Its just lame… not to mention there is no respect for the people that came first. The elliots, the shimas, the julios, the dustins, the zamoras, the randy spizers… did you know zamora was doing these 450 backroyales back in 2000? or 98 if im not mistaken of course you don´t, rollers have no history, no culture… no wonder why skateboarders hate on us so much, and the world doesnt even know we exist… and “the conference”? like the mob? KKKK you just gotta be kidding me… who the fuck owns this shit?? I bet they are not rollers…

    Support shit like rat-tail, or any true skater owned companies. They know the realness, they know what is all about to be a true roller.


    enough said. keep rolling


  • rol247


  • Knet2D

    Usually I don’t pay any attention but this time you deserve some minutes.
    Ok fool, I am sorry but you have no idea about what you are talking about.
    You watch a video, you have no idea about what you see and before think it twice you post a long comment talking shit, thinking you are so important right?

    That’s not a trailer of a video trying to be cool showing some motion graphics of a kid who have no idea, if that’s what you thought, it’s a short and simple video to advert the dvd is now on shop, and the motion graphics are like this because I wanted to make them like this, everything follows the concept of the video. I suggest you to give a look to the official trailer:

    Do you still think it’s a video by a kid who don’t know a shit about the rollerblading scene? maybe you should know RIOT has been made to fight against the law which forbids rollerblading in the City of Barcelona, yes fighting the police on the streets, and you are talking about “Rollers had a different mind back then, they were about the lifestyle, the difference that it makes to be a roller” and “regular shit because rollers even got this ideia of “looking normal” and being “athletes”. Its just lame”, better shut up.

    You post some quotes and think you are more rollerblader than me or the people on the video? Oh, also you were working on motion graphics for 6 years, damn… I began to skate so long ago, with fitness skates before aggressive skates came to shops, and what I learned is skate for more years doesn’t make you more skater than the little kid who go to skate with his friends to the park for the first day, all is about skate with your friends and have fun. I finished University and I am finishing a doctorate, also I was working for more than 5 years as professional designer in the inline industry, working close with the top skaters, photographers, videographers, magazines,… of the industry, I am photographer and I made a couple of video works too, don’t come here to teach me. What I learned in my life is to be humble, I never would talk shit to someone who know less than me. If you really thought it was a trailer of a video by a crew of kids trying to be cool, and you as a professional videographer (or whatever you work on) talk all this shit, it is just embarrassing for you.
    Why are you talking about the conference? is is a conferenece team video? NO.
    Better give a second look because all those “looking normal” skaters are Chris Haffey, Rachard Johnson, Demetrios George,… You don’t know about the others because are not americans? Jefferson was skating for like 15 years, he is one of the best skaters of Brazil and on of the best friends of Pianowski too, Cyril Daniel is one of the growing stars from Europe killing every comp and building a name with his hammers, so better check his first section in a video.

    I can understand and accept you don’t like the video, the trailer, or whatever I do. But I can’t accept that you come here and talk like if me or the people who appear on the video is less rollerblader than you.

    Do you think you are a true rollerblader? You were talking without know what you are talking about which makes you an ignorant and an idiot. If you really wants to contribute to rollerblading, next time, better shut up, pick up your skates and go out to rollerblade.
    Oh, and buy RIOT dvd and maybe you will learn what is rolleblading about.

  • marbhin

    knet aver si lo traduces ..XD

  • Fred Castro

    Don’t listen to this fool, its great material, i work with cg, and your post production and CG for this video is quite good. the skating is great too, and i like the color correction for the PB and the yellow viggnette is a nice touch, the particles and everything at the end logo, all well executed. congrats, and
    F!#$ this guy.

    keep up the good work!

    best regards


  • post your name

    post your name, or your argument is invalid. Wah wah wah, waaah waah. boo hooo, everything used to be so cool when i was 12 years old, now im old, and i dont believe in rollerskating any more, waah wah, its because of the videos now arent as cool as when i was 12 and even a blue t shirt was cool, waah waaaaah

  • Andy

    Who does that disaster 450 back royale in the official trailer?

  • Tom

    Look mate … the main reason skateboarders hate us is cos they think we are scum in skateparks …. they just think we are there to get in the way .. which where not we are the ones trying stuff and then landing it after a while … not trying somehting a million times and not landing it once.

    Do you think skateboarders really watch our edits and think oh yeah rollerbladers where much better in the old days … :S

    the only reason they hate us is because we do something DIFFRENT. with bmxing the style is in the bike and same with skateboardeing the style is within you flipping a plank of wood around. with blading the style is within you becuase the skates are strapped on.

    I Apreciate your opinion but. It is a bit silly what your talking about in my opinion.

    Keep Rolling

  • dtc

    Guess god think I’m abel…