Rik van Huik (21): 2012 Edit + Adapt Vegan Skates

Rik van Huik

Filmed by Olga Bouwhuis, Pieter Wijnant, Ben Harmanus, Thijs Tel, Erik Droogh & Vivien Butot.

Adapt Vegans Skates

Adapt Vegans Skates

Aprox. 894 grams for size 41 with souls.
Boot: 234.45 EUR (355 US $). Full Setup: 295.00 EUR (360 US$).

Adapt Vegan Skates

More Photos & Specs of the Adapt Vegan Skates. (Bottom of the page).
+ Hardware & Goodies. (wheels, anti-rockers, straps & more).

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  • soul2roll

    What an edit man! Sick skating and loved the vibe!! Adapt is lookin good!!


  • Anonymous

    Doppeeee bladdeeeessssssss

  • http://www.bcnrollers.com Gerard

    So dopeeeeeee! BRAVO for Rik and Adapt!! Barcelona!!

  • henq

    hell yeah!
    great skating!

    best blades available!

  • Marco

    Rik is an awesome skater and i`m still stoked about the first trick of the edit!
    Adapts are awesome as well. Nice superlight -Handmade- limited Edition -Skates. Go on Adapt ;)

  • Anonymous

    nyc store is probably comming out with a skate that looks like this in red.

  • :(

    this team sucks

  • Bean

    last line was so awesome hahaha!!

  • Anonymous

    adapt = new king of inline !

    company is so nice and good people involved !

  • Paul

    That was an ill section. Those skates don’t look too shabby either!

  • Anonymous

    wtf. that was great. for some reason at the start of each clip it looks like it is going to suck. then he suprises the shit out of me. then next clip i think man this kid looks so weird. then boom. amazing trick. doesnt he look like all those dorky kids that post bad edits that are tall and skinny and you quickly turn off when the clip starts? he did well. thanks adapt

  • Ralf

    That was some siiick skating.

    Not sure about the green parts though!

  • I’m not a hater

    That was icing on the cake. Shout out to Adapt for not mass producing there skates. They wouldn’t rip quick like Valo’s, Razors, SSM and Remz. Much Respect to JBlah for getting on there skate team. Fuck you haters

  • Anonymous

    souls are shit. straps cut your ankles. but the frames are good haha

  • wb

    Good Skate Rik!

  • Danny B. C.

    Awesome last line!!!!! I’ve watch more than a couple times and makes me smile every time.

  • rock

    I like the HARM ANUS ONES!

  • Anonymous

    music is gay as fuck wtf

  • Anonymous

    Company need to sort the branding out…its terrible.

  • http://www.taktika.lv Rob

    Super sick skating and I can bet skates feels dope!

  • lüv

    nice capris!<3 ;)

  • Hanglosers

    This was some good shit! Im juiced!

  • .Fx

    So amazingly good!

  • dyed red deshis

    Can’t wait to see which companies will less this new generation. Adapt, reverse,traxart, who will be the dominant force