Richie Eisler & Jeff Stockwell: Scorpion Sessions by Dom West (2012)

July 2012 Repost.

Richie Eisler & Jeff Stockwell: Scorpion Sessions by Dom West

Quick edit of Richie Eisler and Jeff Stockwell at some parks in the UK. Filmed and Edited by Dom West.


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  • Anonymous

    awesome edit. thanks dom + jeff + richie. it’s almost hard to understand how good these guys are. so sick.

  • scooter dave

    Hey guys my name is dave and i scooter. Just wanted to let u know that we the scooter community hate skateboarders as well.

    We should join forces and be like best friends and sesh together everyday. Scooters are so freakin cool. Who is down? I can teach you how to pump jump bros?

  • Rando

    Like you can plan to true top acid and grab someones head.

    He was commited to the trick and at speed. You sometimes just have to hope for the best in those situations. It is usually human instinct to grab something when falling also… unfortunate it was the kids head.

  • Rando

    I remember doing something similar to a guy twice my age at my old skatepark back in the day.

    He dropped in on me while I was doing a 630 hip transfer (No one was in the bowl when I dropped in)… I stomped it, then he just clipped the front of my blades and flew off his board, and I continued roll backwards and had front row seats.

    He scuffed up his white hoodie, and took it like a man, chur bro.

  • Anonymous

    My guess would be that this kid did more than one thing like this that day. I am guessing there was a, “I’ll plow him if he gets in my way conversation at some point.” Hence, the “haha this kid is gonna get it” laugh from West. One other side note: if you can’t take a 10 year old out on an alley oop grind, you are a real pussy. See, so stockwell isn’t a real pussy…just a fag in tight pants.

  • russell maxwortthlie

    we will never truly now unless We See The Entire Clip.. Mr. Dom West. Ill pay pal you 100 american

  • SurfingDog…

    If I thought skateboarding was so good I’d do it. As it happens I rollerblade. The little kid learnt a harsh lesson.

  • thesteeze

    shut up, I’ll laugh at whoever I want bitch!

  • thesteeze

    blader gang is gay

  • :-P

    HEAVY TUNE! You got a awesome taste in music man!

  • yep

    blader gang is super gay

  • yep

    The harsh lesson was: don’t go near skinny bastards on skates :D

  • Chris

    dat´s what´s uuuuuppppp!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    fuk that lil kid, he dunnn learnnnnt today.

  • Robbie Grogan

    No shit, i totally sucked off this skateboarder once.
    Im not normally down for that kind of stuff but he was really cute and super nice to me.

  • Robbie Grogan

    Why arent my comments working?