Richie Eisler & Jeff Stockwell: Scorpion Sessions by Dom West (2012)

July 2012 Repost.

Richie Eisler & Jeff Stockwell: Scorpion Sessions by Dom West

Quick edit of Richie Eisler and Jeff Stockwell at some parks in the UK. Filmed and Edited by Dom West.


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116 Responses to “Richie Eisler & Jeff Stockwell: Scorpion Sessions by Dom West (2012)”

  1. J.311 Says:

    Amazing! Richie is next level

  2. thanks Says:

    thank you dom west

  3. dzy Says:

    I think we all know that the highlight of this video was stockwell throwing that skateboarder kid on his face. Maybe that will knock the gay outta him and he will pick up a pair of blades soon hahahahaha

  4. Anonymous Says:

    that was sick but i think the start was a bit harsh lol :/

  5. Jay Says:

    I can play the beginning over and over…lil skateboarder got slapped ahahahahah

  6. josh morrison Says:

    ……………….dat fakie 180…………….

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I LFAO at Stockwell that stockwell bail when he takes that kid with him :D when you slow down it you can see who knows how to bail and who don’t :D

  8. scott c. Says:

    if Jeff did that intentionally that is fuckkkkkkkkkked up. kinda looks like he saw the sk8 boarder before he went if so bad bad shame on jeff. that kid was just a grom . if you were a grom rollerblader and a skateboarder did that to you.. think about it. kinda of reminds me the ice hockey coach who trips kid, its on youtube. maybe if the sk8 boarder was like 17-18ish but the kid was like 10.

  9. rollerbladers...meh Says:

    hi dzy
    if the grom on a skateboard busting his ass was your highlight, you truly are a sad skater who just make other bladers look juvenile and immature. hmm..explains why rollerblading isn’t poppin…on…EARTH.
    clearly that blader messed up on the coping and tripped backwards.
    all you bladers need to stop hating and just skate. if anything, hate on scooters because skateboarding is the reason why skateparks exist. yep, its not called blade parks, bike parks or scooter parks. give respect, get respect and pick up your damn pants, nobody wants to see your ass when your bustin a royal

  10. Rob Says:

    Jeff clearly didn’t see it coming. Noone would be so stupid to take kid down on purpose.

    Great edit! Especially was digging all the Stockwell tricks.

  11. Dman Says:


    Skateboarder dropped in without looking. His fault. Kids need to learn skatepark etiquette. Nothing wrong with skateboarding in general and any decent rollerblader knows his roots- that we came from skateboarding.

    The word skate, however, was originally related to ice-skating so you cant claim the word. Plus, in the UK at least, it is scooters that are keeping skateparks open, not skateboards or rollerbladers.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    fuck skateboarding. no remorse.

  13. ekap Says:

    @scott c. I agree. Yes people need to learn skatepark etiquette but faceplanting a 10 yr old is bogus. If he was an adult then it would be funny.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    if you’re not skating, you have nothing to do on the park’s spots. standard park etiquette.

    kids always love to sit in the middle of the park and when an accident happens they look surprised.

    – 0.13: kid is in stockwell blind spot, stockwell is grinding,

    – stockwell fell because of the board put on the coping and put his hand try to catch something, kid is in the way, gameover.

    oh and kids expect to be hurt if you don’t wear any protections.

  15. Dis Dick Says:

    Nice edit, butter smooth. I think they were actually napping while doing those grinds. Zero effort required.

  16. Scott Wilcoxson Says:

    Zero fish was the hotness! Standard skatepark etiquette, observe the skaters(rollerbladers and skateboarders) who are really fucking good and make sure your not dropping in on someone who has dedicated more time to the sport then you have been on the earth.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    HOLY FUCK, out of this world that was amazing jeff and richie should get maried they are so perfect together.

    ps FUCK YEAH

  18. V4L Says:

    what a good video!

  19. Noob Skater Says:

    Deadliest combo in the game right now ! Richie + Stockwell = Fap Time

    P.S. skateboarding is one of the lamest sports ever invented. It’s just mainstream and pop but honestly how can you respect it… that is like saying golf is a real sport. “Oooo my ankle i tried to flick my board and land on it but missed”


  20. Anonymous Says:

    just remember rollerskates were invented in 1760 and skateboards was like 1950’s so just keep that in mind when you think we came from them.

  21. Thatwasfun Says:

    So entertaining to watch!! And i recon that Noob Skater has never watched ‘Dogtown and Z-boys’ with comments like skateboarding is one of the lamest sports ever! Its the basis of why you rollerblade mate!


    WOW! The resentment against skateboarders (as if their are all the same and as if they are not people) some guys perpetuate here is simply jaw-dropping! How can anybody say things like that? You guys have serious issues…Noob Skater, here is a recommendation for you and I’m trying to be as polite as possible: FUCK OFF!
    The rest stop overreacting to a simple accident with a little kid in a park – happens all the time…highlight of the edit? Really? How about the other things Jeff and Richie did? Even if it wasn’t a kid…no reason to be arrogant. If you behave like that in a skatepark you embarrass yourself and our sport. You should keep as quiet as you can.

  23. Noob Skater Says:

    ^^^ guy above me is obviously rides scooters

  24. Anonymous Says:

    oi noob skater, you really are a fucking noob, how can you not respect this?

    and this..

    don’t be so fucking narrow minded you little grom.

  25. jean-luc Says:

    Richie is a beast Wowow!
    Jeff has no respect … he has seen the kid before

  26. Anonymous Says:

    1 word – BUTTER!

  27. Anonymous Says:

    fuck off all of you. how many times do old dickhead skateboarders fuck around and get pissed, yell and scream at random kid rollerbladers. or make comments about how gay it is. why would any of you stand up for a community that would eradicate us and never think twice.

  28. Blader Gang ! Says:

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THIS X 10

    Rollerbladers vs Woodpushers ! That’s the way it is and always will be !

    P.S. We out here yo yo !

  29. Anonymous Says:

    so so cool!
    Wish I saw them while they were is London

  30. Roll Maine Says:

    I don’t think that Stockwell meant to hit the kid. But I must say stop @ :13 in to it????? Can we say ridiculousness!!!!!!

  31. Anonymous Says:

    fuck off bladergang we fucking hate you, don’t come out here.

  32. Yep Says:

    The kid was ok anyway I can tell. If he did mean to knock the kid flying then he is a douche. Adult assaulting a minor. But it doesn’t look deliberate so no biggie.

  33. Thatwasfun Says:

    Comments like this are why you don’t deserve the right to comment!

    Skateboarding isn’t gay or shit or lame, etc. I’ve met plenty of cool skateboarders in my time. It’s down to the individual, not the genre!

    And as the for the comment about rollerskates being invented in the 1760s..yes your right! But honestly have you ever discovered where aggressive came from?

    Its crazy that so many of you will slate skateboarding when none of you really know your roots. Arlo isn’t your roots. He took what was already invented and adapted it. Not to say Arlo isn’t a visionary at all…but without people like Tony Alva, Jay Adams and Stacey Peralta aggressive skating wouldn’t have come round so fast, maybe even at all!!!

    I am a rollerblader and i still have the power to have an open mind and appreciate what i do and what came before me. If you are not part of the crowd on this site that enjoy throwing comments around and actually want to know more, go and watch ‘Riding Giants’, followed closely by ‘Dogtown and Z-Boys’

    You can stay ignorant or get some education. I’m sure my comments will fly straight over most of you but you should watch these two films regardless of your opinions and experiences.

  34. darek Says:

    wtf the edit was super sick it’s funny how “stockwell doing it on purpose” is even a question
    the kid had no idea what was going on around him he just dropped his board in while he was only looking down at his feet
    this is the major reason i always yell at children I am big they are small if there is a collision odds are whoever is smaller (the child) is going to bleed and cry and i refuse to be responsible for that
    yelling at kids feels shitty, but trucking a kid upsidedown on his face would probably feel worse
    even a slightly crowded skatepark is not a playground

  35. Bladeordie Gang Says:

    Yo we so outchyeeeeer! Yeeeeeeeahhhh!!!

  36. tiptop Says:

    Niiiice – that last trick from Jeff?!



    Anonymous said: “fuck off all of you. how many times do old dickhead skateboarders fuck around and get pissed, yell and scream at random kid rollerbladers. or make comments about how gay it is. why would any of you stand up for a community that would eradicate us and never think twice.”

    I say: We are not standing up for their community, we are standing up for our own community by not being dickheads like so many skateboarders as you say. It’s not skateboarders, it’s some of them…maybe too many, I don’t know. But things that do deserve respect I will helplessly respect. You know what that creates? Respect.
    You cannot demand it, you’ll have to deserve it by keeping skating despite what others might think and being a decent human being because that’s what we are after all, humans.
    I do get respect from boarders and bikers, exactly because of that…you don’t even get respect from us.

  38. jimmy Says:


  39. Anonymous Says:

    Dude !!! that kid ate his teeth for lunch….
    RICHI E. looks like …Tommy Chong ….Please Rock the BANDANA!! lol

  40. Anonymous Says:

    the reason rollerblading went broke is because of the heads in skateboarding did everything they could to make it “gay”. they are the reason we are not in the xgames that WE created. they are the reason there is no money in this industry anymore. so FUCK YOU for standing up for skateboarding. and fuck skateboarding. Stockwell for pres.

  41. Anonymous Says:

    Rollerblading doesnt owe shit to skateboarding, im not saying i dont respect it, but we would easily of discovered skating if skateboards wernt there, with every single sport there is always a evolutionary step to find different avenues and extreme barriers to create.
    But we all know and from 17 years of experience still to this day 95% of skateboarders and the culture behind them hate us and always will thats never going to change.

  42. fuck you jeff Says:

    fucking bitch you can go in hell

  43. Yep Says:

    I know little kids get in peoples way, but do little kids really have the awareness of a seasoned vet like ourselves? Did you as a little kid. I remember being a grom and I was clueless.

    So the little kids get in the way and you smack them over? If I was that kids parents I would have ripped Stockwell a new one.

  44. Rolgang Says:

    That was truly a professional edit, i’m sure everyone can understand that. And about the kid: he should have been thinking. Pick up your board, maybe look around once in a while. Stockwell fell, grabbed some air and then caught some hoodie on the way down.

  45. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah I bet you would have you fucking donkey. hahaha^

  46. Yi Yiiiiiiii Says:

    I am an ass hole for this, but it is pretty funny if you freeze it at 00:14.

  47. Yi Yiiiiiiii Says:

    Just noticed the title: Scorpion Sessions

  48. Tony Hawk Says:

    FUCK YOU Fruit Booters ! You guys get in my way at the park and I will rip your roller skating asses a new one !

    I’m glad we kicked you out of the xgames and raped your industry.

    I hope pussyblading NEVER comes back !

    SUCK IT !

    Skateboarding > Scootering > Rollerskating !!!!

  49. Bob Says:

    Dang Tony that was a little harsh considering the biggest trick ever in skatebaoarding is only a 900…


  50. Tony Hawk Says:

    What ever Bob Butt Booter ! I am rich bitch !

  51. Kid smasher Says:

    jeff 100% knew that kid was about to get in his way.. dom west show the whole clip….. im calling you out.. please bro

  52. Anonymous Says:

    Hope that skateboarder broke his face and now has to get plastic surgory and live the rest of his life getting made fun of and beat up and becomes homeless and a crack head and gets booty raped….

  53. Anonymous Says:

    way to throw that little kid on his face faggot

    he had no idea you were coming you saw him put the board on the deck.

    you’re too pro ride up to the flate now ?


  54. Anonymous Says:

    this isent skateboarding vs rollerblading lil kid was like 3’6

    its about a big ass dude slaming a kid on his face

  55. Will Says:

    Is Richie using xsjado 2.0 souls on his carbons?

  56. Anonymous Says:

    I would like to see what happened after that. If he just rolls away without helping the kid up or checking on him, he’s a fucking ass hole that deserves/needs a good punch in right square in the face.

  57. thanks Says:

    you guys are idiots. obviously it wasn’t on purpose and if you think he saw the kid and still committed that hard to the trick… well like i said. idiots. but then again, that’s nothing new on this site.

  58. seanpquinn Says:


  59. Jeff stockwell is a fag Says:

    Jeff stockwell is a fucking coward. I can tell it was done on purpose and Dom west was in on it. Watch the clips closely, Dom laughs right BEFORE Jeff runs into the kid. Way to be get the youngbloods interested in blading Jeff, you fucking homo! You showed everyone your true bitch colors when you played B.L.A.D.E against Haffey, now you just showed the world how much more of a queef sniffing faggot you could really be. Go try this maneuver on some 30+ year old OG skateboarder punker guy if you wanted to be a badass. fuck you Jeff

  60. will taylor Says:

    ^ you’re just too fucking stupid. it’s unbearable. embarrassing. i swear with each new day that this fucking cesspool of a website exists, i hate rollerbladers more and more. it was clearly an accident. one caused by the kid and only the kid. nice one though, way to anonymously call someone a coward. yeah dom west was in on it too… for nervously laughing AS the collision happens. are you guys for real or just competing to see who can post the dumbest comments?

  61. Anonymous Says:

    why would you go into a grind if a kid is standing on the copping, kids aren’t that smart, ofcourse he is going to take him out, you’re an asshole stockwell.

  62. keepitluxurious Says:

    “P.S. skateboarding is one of the lamest sports ever invented. It’s just mainstream and pop but honestly how can you respect it… that is like saying golf is a real sport. “Oooo my ankle i tried to flick my board and land on it but missed”


    HAHA… Fuck Yeah!

  63. blader gang Says:

    peep my new mixtape yall its called we are gangstas that where tights and listen to dubstep WE OUT HERE!!!!

  64. Jurijs Says:

    jeff couldnt see that coming! Kid went to coping just second before jeff turned back to him… Revind it more times.. you can see that!

  65. Anonymous Says:

    Between the title of this, the laugh, and freezing it at 12 seconds in, I think Jeff Stockwell is a fucking pussy.

    “It wasn’t a true flat spin.”


  66. truth Says:

    Between the title of this, the laugh, and freezing it at 12 seconds in, I think they pulled a media stunt that got them 12,000 views in less than 12 hours!

    “It was true genius!”


  67. Rob Dobbie Says:

    You can see that as soon as Jeff bailed he turned around to see if the kid was okay.

    Sick edit.

  68. deubeul Says:

    nobody asks if the kid’s allright?

  69. Anonymous Says:

    OMG 12,000 views! Totally kewl

  70. Dale Says:

    All you have to do is pause it a few times. The kid is at the back of the quarter and takes a step forward just as Jeff is coming up the ramp. OF COURSE Jeff didn’t put himself at risk by grinding into him BACKWARDS… Jeff would have been more at risk than the kid. As it happens the kid was unlucky this time around.

  71. horst Says:

    who the fuck cares kids get knocked over in skateparks for being stupid and in the way the whole fucking time what kind of bitches are you ppl anyways… big fucking deal

  72. vitriol Says:

    Edit after edit, Stockwell is slowly losing all my respect… that’s sad.

  73. pom Says:

    richie, your skating is divine but pleeease dont ruin its spectacle with a hawaiian shirt!

  74. Air dolphin Says:

    ^^dude what are you talking about hawaiian shirts are dope.

  75. Anonymous Says:

    hey will taylor, i hope your kid gets beat up and raped by a 300 lb nigger. then i’ll laugh at your wife’s ugly face as she cries non-stop

  76. Anonymous Says:


  77. Jay Says:

    Rollernews is filled with a bunch of punk asses…Stockwell accidentally knocks a kid over which wasn’t entirely his fault honestly then question him on his character by saying things like man if he did that on purpose he’s an asshole…like who really in there right mind does a grind and purposely bust their ass and brings another person down…accidents like these happen all the fuckin time…but ohhh yea you wouldn’t know would you because while you’re hating on here you’re not out actually skating at a park or something

  78. dzy Says:

    skateboarding is for gays.

  79. fuck will taylor Says:

    jeff stockwell is a punk-ass bitch, straight up. kill yrself jerf

  80. NAR Says:

    You guys are trolling right?

    He did not do that on purpose, do you not see the kid try to drop in on him.
    You never see jeff look to see the kid there, so how could he know?
    The reason the kid got fucked up is when jeff hit the board and fell back, he swung back to gain balance and accidentally grabbed the kids head.

    Even the little tikes father knew jeff didnt do it on purpose

    With that being said it was still hilarious. Scorpions are ALWAYS funny

  81. Anonymous Says:

    Jeff – Y U NO LIKE KIDDDIES????

  82. fuck the kids Says:

    rollerblading is for child abusers!

  83. Anonymous Says:

    LOL accident ? Ya bro 3ft quarter must hold on to something for dear life.

    See little boy approaching coping,grind any way .

    You’re such a hardass bro

  84. Anonymous Says:

    That fag saw the kid at the bottom even he even hit tranny

  85. fuck the kids Says:

    Jeff is gonna get death threats from this….good job Conference guys….

  86. BLADER GANG Says:

    Yeaaaa niggaz and niggetz the time is almost here for the pre release party of the official, “NIGGA WE OUT HERE” blader gang mixtape rap video. yea we finna Ustream the making of the behind da scenes clips so yall niggaz can peep what goes on wit us blader gang niggaz.

    also for the record. I would like to officially announce that “NIGGA WE OUT HERE!!!” blader what? blader who? blader GANG NIGGA!!!!

  87. me Says:

    cool so a bunch of idiots commenting on here. nothing about the skating, or free entertainment and inspiration. just fashion and hate. big surprise. yeah jeff totally hit that kid on purpose, i mean who wouldn’t go full speed backwards and not even flinch, just smash backwards into the kid, completely blind? fucking priceless, you lot. coming here never fails to reveal how dumb the average blader is. oh well, keep hating guys, hope it makes you feel good. hate on jeff, skateboarders, scooters, blader gang, each other. just go wild. fuck it. one day you’ll grow up, get a clue and be fucking embarrassed of yourselves. i feel sorry for you all.

  88. the m Says:

    DAMN RIGHT to the guy above

  89. haterz Says:

    “me” and “the m” are old farts

  90. intentional kid smashing Says:

    intentional kid smashing intentional kid smashing intentional kid smashing intentional kid smashing intentional kid smashingintentional kid smashing

  91. Yep Says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if he did it on purpose at all why should it. You need to stop worshiping people for being good at skating.

    I think we need to release the whole clip so we can see how he dealt with it.

  92. Anonymous Says:

    “Tony Hawk Says: ” – instantly start loling HARD

  93. Anonymous Says:

    These guys are too classy to do this intentional.

  94. Anonymous Says:

    jeff is way to into himself. he doesnt notice anything, let alone the comments on this thread or the kid..

  95. BLADER GANG Says:






  96. BLADER GANG Says:


  97. Ian C Says:

    If a pro skateboarder had done this to a grom inliner there wouldn’t be a single boo hoo about the kids welfare. At the end of the day it’s a dog eat dog world. I’d rather than the kid take a slam and recover than have a pro crippled or something nasty as a result of the kids lack of spacial awareness. Poor lil fucker though

  98. show it Says:

    Show us the whole clip.. DOM WEST…… show it…… do it or you have no balls.

  99. Anonymous Says:

    Ian C, I’m with you. Well said.

  100. bro Says:

    if i were dom west i’d just stop making edits for all you turds.

  101. Anonymous Says:

    awesome edit. thanks dom + jeff + richie. it’s almost hard to understand how good these guys are. so sick.

  102. scooter dave Says:

    Hey guys my name is dave and i scooter. Just wanted to let u know that we the scooter community hate skateboarders as well.

    We should join forces and be like best friends and sesh together everyday. Scooters are so freakin cool. Who is down? I can teach you how to pump jump bros?

  103. Rando Says:

    Like you can plan to true top acid and grab someones head.

    He was commited to the trick and at speed. You sometimes just have to hope for the best in those situations. It is usually human instinct to grab something when falling also… unfortunate it was the kids head.

  104. Rando Says:

    I remember doing something similar to a guy twice my age at my old skatepark back in the day.

    He dropped in on me while I was doing a 630 hip transfer (No one was in the bowl when I dropped in)… I stomped it, then he just clipped the front of my blades and flew off his board, and I continued roll backwards and had front row seats.

    He scuffed up his white hoodie, and took it like a man, chur bro.

  105. Anonymous Says:

    My guess would be that this kid did more than one thing like this that day. I am guessing there was a, “I’ll plow him if he gets in my way conversation at some point.” Hence, the “haha this kid is gonna get it” laugh from West. One other side note: if you can’t take a 10 year old out on an alley oop grind, you are a real pussy. See, so stockwell isn’t a real pussy…just a fag in tight pants.

  106. russell maxwortthlie Says:

    we will never truly now unless We See The Entire Clip.. Mr. Dom West. Ill pay pal you 100 american

  107. SurfingDog... Says:

    If I thought skateboarding was so good I’d do it. As it happens I rollerblade. The little kid learnt a harsh lesson.

  108. thesteeze Says:

    shut up, I’ll laugh at whoever I want bitch!

  109. thesteeze Says:

    blader gang is gay

  110. :-P Says:

    HEAVY TUNE! You got a awesome taste in music man!

  111. yep Says:

    blader gang is super gay

  112. yep Says:

    The harsh lesson was: don’t go near skinny bastards on skates :D

  113. Chris Says:

    dat´s what´s uuuuuppppp!!!!!

  114. Anonymous Says:

    fuk that lil kid, he dunnn learnnnnt today.

  115. Robbie Grogan Says:

    No shit, i totally sucked off this skateboarder once.
    Im not normally down for that kind of stuff but he was really cute and super nice to me.

  116. Robbie Grogan Says:

    Why arent my comments working?