Richie Eisler: How to be Unpopular, Podcast #129

Richie Eisler: How to be Unpopular, Podcast #129

Todd Mcinerney talks to Richie Eisler over a weak wi-fi signal about getting kicked out of Australia, switch tricks, DVDs, USD, the ever expanding life-span of a rollerblader, and so much more!

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  • Cody Sagona

    He doesn’t know of Worapoj Boonim?

  • Rob

    If Todd Mcinerney doesn’t know who Worapoj “Note” Boonim is, he’s clearly not following aggressive inline scene at all.. what a shame

  • Cody Sagona

    Maybe he was just pretending (irony) to be an insular Canadian or simply didn’t get the name when pronounced like that.

  • Anonymous

    These podcasts are sick – Todd is legend. Anyone listen to the Julian Bah one where Todd and his Mrs is stoned or drunk or something, funny as hell.

  • B.Woodcock

    Well he may have just been busy with work or pregnancy! Or he just couldn’t hear Ritchie very well and note didnt come o mind! To complain about such a minor fault is ridiculous! Your as narrow minded as most rollerbladers to get worked up about this!

  • Anonymous

    Fuck off you whiney little trollernews fucktards, these interviews are always great and very insightful, looking forward to listening to this one.

  • Adam

    Would love to hear a latimer interview!

  • Rob

    B.Woodcock, you are probably right! Just Worapoj’s been pretty well known already few years, not 9 months.. And wait- they are having conversation and Richie is explaining few times who the hell he is talking about.. And YES of course.. attention to details makes people narrow minded- just like you said!

    Are there any other people out there who knows name Worapoj “Note” Boonim, but didn’t understand Richie talked about him?! Highly doubt! + I think most of rollerbladers have their own pronunciation of Note’s real name.

  • Anonymous

    The interview ones are definitely the best, I think Tods getting better and better with his interview style.

  • Chris Duke

    “Yeah Bangkok, you’re in China!”
    “No, Thailand.”

  • AnthonyMedina

    “He doesn’t know of Worapoj Boonim?”

    For real………..

  • Anonymous

    Who the fuck is Warapoj Boonim……..?

  • Slug Lord

    Watch Vine st 2 then fucko^^

  • Charlie Rose

    Great interview! Thanks as always to Todd and Joey for providing an outlet for those who wish to share their insights on rollerblading. And Richie is a class act. I admire his unconventional, drifting-with-purpose way of life and his phenomenal, creative skating. He and the Mushroom Bladers live outside the tiny box in which most rollerbladers exist and show that skating can be whatever you want it to be or whoever you are. Let me repeat, skating can be whoever you are.

  • jimmy

    Dope interview. Mushroomblading ! Todd and Joey are doing an amazing job with these podcast.